Reviews for The Hotel Requiem
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 2 . 6/15/2012
Okay, will try to review this one since I truly doubt lack of length should be an issue. You see, I do see this as a chaotic comedy. Yet there's nothing crass about it. In fact I would identify it with a oocktail of potent brew. More than one alcoholic drink, one single product. Now I may not be a guru in all things crossover, but to create a comedy that makes sense while building upon a senseless setting isn't something to laugh at. Firstly, one mustn't be too obsessed over commonsense. Yet the character portrayals must NOT end up beyond humane. To be honest it's just like seeing an asylum via a sane person's eyes. So erm, I guess all this make sense?

So now on the characters. Take note that I'm seeing things via the noob view, so yeah. -.-' Firstly on Hazel and Dai. Its pretty much interesting that she's still the snarker that I remembered N ages back. Yet I do find that she had mellowed. In reality's sense, I guess that must have mean a somewhat drastic development. That old habits die hard doesn't equate to persona staying square one by default.

As for the guy who had just bailed, I think you might have done a character so bloody lost and phased, my first impression is that I will find him way too goofy if not for the fact that he wasn't stoned out. On Kitty, it seems to me that I'm seeing a girl lost in the woods. In a very twisted sense, I can envision a ten year old going around the forest wondering whether the fungus there should be edible lol! As for Poison, it really seems that he's... well Nicola's bitch lol! Arrow and Rayne seemed far more stable as in-plot characters compared to your original work. Sorry that I forgot the title. My brain is now very sleepy. But still if my hazy memory is spot on, then the difference should be quite significant.

So erm, yeah. Have stop now. Very sleepy. x.x

From the RH
mingsquared chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
This is an interesting concept, having different characters from different worlds and time periods collide. Where is this hotel located anyways? London was mentioned so I'm assuming it's on Earth. I wonder what kind of adverts they must be playing to make people think that a hotel can be interesting. xD

The only real problem with this is that people who have never read your other stories will be very confused. I see you mentioned that in the Author's Note, but I still think it's a good idea to post a character summary or something like that early on. That way you don't have to explain it to everyone to asks.
A Fire Rose chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
Haha, I have wondered the same thing about my characters. I admit, I haven't read any of these other stories, so please pardon my probable perplexity. You say "he felt so crap," but I'm supposing you meant "crappy." Also could have the non-existant tenses of "crappish" or "craptastic." Are all the characters descending upon this hotel at once from all directions? That is what I happen to be picturing. And do they all need a cure for something? Towards the end, you say "they swirling," which makes me think you may have missed the word "were" in the middle.

So I am super confused, I admit. Interesting concept, though! And the idea that this is happening as it is written instead of played out afterwards is interesting. It might be cool if, in one chapter, something starts to happen - gets erased on the document - and starts again with a different outcome, to show thr author (you, of course) changing your mind once or twice. I hope this was of some help! Have fun!
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Well, all I can say here is... W.T.H. In a very good way. If there's anything to go by, the best way to play a cross universe fiction will always be down to the usage of absurdity. And this is something I've never seen any crossover fanfics although there are successful attempts via the bypassing aspect. (Not that much though since inter-universe shenanigans are borne by the fans) I'd like to see the entire transportation as an alternate C.S. Lewis, but I know there will always be a catch in the form of Arrow's POV.

Now since this is essentially a crossover, I don't think it's proper for me to comment on the characterizing. Just let me say something about the general plot barring the one stated above. Firstly, I'm not too sure whether you're assuming your readers to know your characters' persona right from the get-go because they're essentially from separate worlds. If you're to ask me, it's best that you just put down a brief breakdown on the characters' personality and a little bit of necessary backdrop info. Given that this is only one chapter for now, the danger of newbies plunging straight in without any regards is very real. It will not do a dime on the old timers, but still... yeah you get the drift.

But anyway, I can pretty much call it an attempt on absurd humour. One very common pitfall awaiting such writers if they're not used to writing it would be the one thing called unwanted slapstick. That will take away quite a chunk of the intended value in entertaining. But for me, it seems that you're on the right track so far. :)