Reviews for Have a Happy Day
eclipsed flower chapter 1 . 9/22/2012
This was gripping, cool, yadda yadda (just insert praise here :P) and wopnderful use of second person! It's hard to find peiople who can write well in it, so yay! :D Loved reading this, so please write more! And liked how you connected the opening and closing line too, very fitting. And lol - he got killed in the shower...maybe I shouldn't be laughing about that...but I guess that jsut sghows how brutal that world is...I wouldn't like getting killed while I was having a shower... Well, there were a few minor mix-ups in tenses, but the rest of this was awesome! :D And I mean it :) I do love reading about Zombie Apocalypses!
Nikkithedead chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Is the protagonist supposed to be male or female, or are we not supposed to know? I loved the imagery for the first bit, with the ronald mcdonald zombie. The ending made me super sad, which means you did an excellent job lol. Zombies ftw.
killer47 chapter 1 . 5/1/2012
Alright, considering that there are a thousands of stories out there about zombies, this story was interesting. Though I doubt that this story can be put into the humor category. There were a lot of instances where you gave useless descriptions just to get a laugh from the audience, an example of that is of the Ronald Mcdonald costume. It felt like you were trying to force a laugh. Also, the story felt like it was moving at an extremely fast pace. I mean one moment, that guy is running for his life, next moment he is in the apartment, and then he is sharing a meal with another guy and so on and so forth. The pace of the story needs to be slower, and you also need to work on your character development. At the end, I neither cared about the hero of this story, and nor did I care about that guy from the apartment. In plus points, you definitely got the right feel of the zombie apocalypse, so kudos to you on that. You also give vivid descriptions that help create the world the hero lives in. I would highly recommend that instead of trying to write a humorous story, you try your hand on a horror one, or some different genre.