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Daniel Steadfast chapter 35 . 11/14/2013
Hello Luis-sama! Great to have you back! Love the new chapter! :D
xxxyx chapter 5 . 8/27/2013
No fantasy MMORPG is complete without The Reaper! Uh, kinda. Feminine manifestation of death? Pfft, should've guessed. :P

Hm, the start of a legend? Sounds intriguing.
xxxyx chapter 3 . 8/27/2013
Hm... I'm starting to think that you'd make a decent writer... for an RPG. :P Lol, even calling the enemy 'low-leveled.' And experiences, and... yep, do I need to say more?
Um... that paragraph near the end, the use of the word 'hand' was a little bit repetitive.
Nevertheless, sounds like a story that will greatly appeal to fans of the fantasy MMORPG genre.
xxxyx chapter 2 . 8/27/2013
How about an arrow to the knee? *shot*

Wow it is really RPG-ish. There's even a starting class. I like your choice of names somehow, not sure why, but they sounded... right.

The pace is set, I see. You must've edited this thoroughly, though, I didn't find anything out of hand, so well done.
xxxyx chapter 1 . 8/27/2013
Death by banana peel... pfft.
Well, anyway, it resembled the usual setup of fantasy-world-entering. I just hope you won't disappoint with execution, okay?

Hm... the very detailed narration seems to be your strength... and also could be your weakness, if you slipped into long-windedness. Especially with first-person POV. Well, from what I've read so far, mostly strength, though, so OK.

And despite nothing outstanding happening so far, you have a very 'stable' style, making the story look like a vividly presented fantasy RPG. I wonder how the story will go on.
Cheerios then. C:
bradpara chapter 17 . 7/31/2013
Very well done fight scene. Also, a very ominius way to end things and start up a new arc. I so need to get back into readin on FP.
Kiento21 chapter 34 . 6/5/2013
I love this chapter :DDDDDDDDD You did such an amazing job with the little twist u added in there. You had me on the edge of confusion because of how it started. Great chapter I can't wait to read the next one :D
Fierce Ookami chapter 34 . 5/20/2013
i read all 34 chapters, its an amazing story so far. i love tge characters, the setting, the plot, and the clichè anime stuff. there are alot of errors through out the story mostly grammatical errors but its still amazing, keep up the good work!
Miles Montgomery chapter 13 . 5/19/2013
This Claire guy. He seems to have a hard past, yet for some reason, I cannot trust him.
Boomer Kid chapter 34 . 5/18/2013
Everything from my reviews now on would contain major spoilers that start from Chapter 32 onward.

Ah, first off I'd just like to say that I like the drama with Claire's POV in chapter 33. No words to describe that chapter.

Though we only have one chapter with Kurumi before Yuuto goes back to the High World, it is well paced. And we finally have a good dosage of imouto-chan.

"Do you love her just because of her being there, or do you love her because you're there for her?" Yay, imouto-chan's best quote! Get's Yuuto thinking whether his love for Ennis is solid or whether he's in it for the... you know. Ahehe.

Yuuto beats up gangsters with darkness powers and his instincts from swordsmanship training. O_O I hope they didn't end up dead. Someone could have gotten a warrant of arrest for murder or something.

I wonder how imouto-chan's going to tell Yuuto's parents about his adventure! And oh yes, the necklace? From what I remember, Kurumi still has it. (Major plot point?) The Reaper seems kind to children, I think. But I just wonder what will happen with imouto-chan.

So yes. A nice chapter where we finally get to see Yuuto's home. Though his reunion with his sister was short (then again, apparently his time in the High World was only as long as one night in his home world), at least we know he has a good imouto and it's nice to see their interactions.

I can foresee the comedy and drama when Yuuto revives in the next chapter. *Juts out a thumbs-up*


Nothing new for me to critique right now. Really enjoyed the past few chapters, action, drama, fanservice and everything. Once again, all the best for your chapters to come! This arc of BladeArc isn't over yet!
Daniel Steadfast chapter 34 . 5/17/2013
I love this chapter w Kurumi-Chan is the perfect imouto... that, and I'd want to see the look on everyone's faces when Yuuto Suddenly revives. Good Job! wb
bradpara chapter 16 . 5/15/2013
Aaaaaaaaaaah, Intresting the Reaper seems to be a Yuuto X Ennis shipper, at the same time, she is not above trolling our heros to make things intresting.

One wonders how this shall all play out.
bradpara chapter 15 . 5/15/2013
I feel very sorry for Claire, I really do.

Yuuto, admit it, you have a harem. It shall be so much easier that way.

Wow, cliffhanger, what fun.
Boomer Kid chapter 32 . 5/13/2013
O_O Things are getting grim.

Before I head to major spoilers, damn, Ennis can sure command, or at least motivate an army. If I were one of those soldiers, having to look at an enemy that far outnumbers you that they seem to come in tidal waves, man would I be rejuvenated after listening to Ennis' address.

This is among your deadliest chapters, definitely. Fighting going on left, right, center, above, behind, everywhere! I would prefer it there was a bit more showing rather than telling, but it's nothing too serious to detract the experience of a full-scale war! Nice to see how each member of the cast contributes to the battle, you really did give the main heroines as well as the allied kingdoms the focus they deserved.

Little things I'll pick up from this chapter:

Chimeraes - should be Chimaeras

"You too, Yuuto…" Ennis spoke before she paused. "Umm… Yuuto, tell me anything if you need something from me in battle later. I'll help you, no matter what." - Maybe "tell me if you need something" would sound neater?

Then, she looked at the rampaging Goliath who swallowed a poor dragon whole, and she whistled. "Wow, you have a cool giant working with you?" she asked me.
"Well, our mage summoned that one," I told her that.
"Cool," Morgan commented. Yeah, I had to agree that despite its monstrous form, Goliath was kinda cool.
- Damn, so calm during battle! Mark of badass warriors. Goliath was owning there.

Queen Bernant raised her hand, summoning countless giant lances from the sky, raining down those lances onto the dragons and gryphons, killing them instantly.
- Fate-verse Gilgamesh? :3 Just need that little snap of the fingers, hehe.

"Stop him!" King Leonard shouted as he saw me charging towards him. His lieutenants rushed towards me, and I retaliated by jumping away from my horse, boosting myself with Shadow Arc and knocked both lieutenants down with a single stroke. Then, I stopped right in front of King Leonard, pointing Karma right in front of his face. "Y-you…!"
- I think you could have broken this paragraph up. Something like:

"Stop him!" King Leonard shouted as he saw me charging towards him.

His lieutenants rushed towards me, and I retaliated by jumping away from my horse, boosting myself with Shadow Arc and knocked both lieutenants down with a single stroke. Then, I landed right in front of King Leonard, pointing Karma right in front of his face.

- By breaking the combat scene away from the dialogue, it gives a sleeker flow. This is especially since focus shifted from Leonard to his lieutenants and Yuuto. And Leonard wasn't fighting Yuuto here.


Wow, just wow. Yuuto did make a honorable, but rash decision there. If I was the commander, I would order for the enemy commander of all people to be taken as prisoner at least when encountered, and I would tell them this before going onto the battlefield. But more importantly, Yuuto just performed a stupendous amount of independent action by dueling the enemy commander of all people, after what all his allies have done to thin Fiore's military. Either Ennis didn't tell Yuuto anything about what not to do on the battlefield, or Yuuto's sense of honor or rashness overtook him at that moment. Very big turn of events there. Shows that power isn't everything that decides a war, the decisions that are carried out are also important.

This is most probably Yuuto's second death. The area around his heart just got, blown away. Ah, romantic near-death scene between Yuuto and Ennis. So it looks like the pairing has been established amid the falling snow.

And this is where I'm eager to read more.


An action-packed chapter that leaves us hanging at the end. Though I would say there is room for improvement, especially showing vs. telling, there's no doubt that I enjoyed this chapter! Once again, all the best for your chapters to come!
Boomer Kid chapter 31 . 5/13/2013
Nooooooo another kiss scene interrupted! *sadness*

I agree with TheBloodEdge, this should become an eroge. I'll buy it.

You managed to keep your writing quality consistent all the while, and I'm liking it, it's always nice to read Louis-sama's storytelling. And you never fail with fanservice, gehehe, naughty Finny. Throughout all the chapters, it's nice to know more and more about the characters. Damn, Miya's history is probably the most tragic so far. *pats Miya* She didn't get as much limelight before though in comparison to girls like Ennis and Claire, so in terms of affinity I still think Yuuto is closer to Ennis and Claire.

Yes, in war there is death, both sides suffer. Nice to see Yuuto having to come to terms with it, subtle things to show he's growing.

A few things I'd like to point out. First is, the ratio of male:female is well, hugely lopsided toward the females! While it's enjoyable to read harems as entertaining like this with a spice of your inspiration from visual novels, I personally would like to see at least a couple of very notable male characters, preferably on Yuuto's side. Ever since Ludd took a big break from appearing in the chapters, let's just say the story doesn't feel the same.

"Huh?" I realized that I was crying. My eyes were wet due to the tears. "A-am I crying?"

He realizes that he is crying, then asks if he's crying. Hehe. Not a big issue or really a mistake, but would just like to point Yuuto's little contradiction.

And of course, I'd like to see more enemies who are able to give Yuuto a good fight in direct combat! Moar action coming right up next chapter!

Yuuto choosing his new home and companions over fame and fortune (and possibly a bigger harem on the enemy's side, hehe). Though kind of predictable, I'm glad to see honor, goodwill and integrity once in a while. Seeing good qualities lifts up a person's day.

Once again, I'm really digging your story and writing. Really in anticipation of what's to come next, and if by chance you need any more thoughts or ideas, feel free to ask. All the best to future chapters!
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