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TheBloodEdge chapter 26 . 12/6/2012
"But she did say something about 'strange dresses' and 'being forced to dance' and 'one strange night'."

Wut. What? Claire went to a queen right? So what is this shit about dancing? Oh my god... The queen forced Claire to do some sort of pole dance or something! That perverted queen! But but- WHY MUST YOU MAKE THE BEST PARTS OFF-SCREEN?!

King Jerk of Fiore, you're way too early on war declaration! Well, our Harem Warriors should've gotten prepared faster...

And Yuuto finally confessed! Whee! Why am I crying?! Fuck! Why?! WHY?! Why Yuuto, WHY?! Why did you have to confess when you know you were gonna die?! WHY?! Sniffle...

He mastered the art of riding a horse! Awesomesauce! Standing on a cliff while riding on a hor- Wait, that's what Sanger and Ratsel do in their combination attack, Tatsumaki Zankantou! If only he jumped into the battle while turning Karma HUUUUUUGE! And if only there was a rainstorm with thunder and lightning and shit. Wait, why did you let it go...?

Yuuto and [Reaper] ship tease...? Dafuq? I didn't include her in the harem but... What? Should I consider it as her joining? I mean, all she did was really fill him with the power of DARKNESS! but she did still kiss him. And don't get me started on how raunchy 'I could feel something flowing out from her mouth and into my own' sounded...

Yuuto has officially displayed himself as one HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE badass this chapter. Any man can fight a man. Only some. Can fight an army. FOR TWO DAYS! TWO. FREAKIN'. DAYS. NON-STOP. DAMN. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SNARKY LOSER OF THE FIRST CHAPTER?!

300 men! 1 strike! Sanger would be proud my boy! THIS! IS! SPARTA!

The only thing that could make this chapter more depressing is some slow and melancholic music and if it snowed as he lay half-dead...

My box of tissues is empty already...

Harem sta-

Not in the mood right now. One thing's for sure. Ennis won.
TheBloodEdge chapter 25 . 12/4/2012
Should've mentioned the collar earlier bro.

Wait, why didn't you showcase our hero, Yuuto, being a total perv? That would've been awesomely funny...

Yuuto used Shadow Arc to jump all the way to Rio... He really seems to be taking lessons from Sanger. If I didn't know better, he's a fan of Super Robot Wars! Now all he needs is some stupid speeches turned into badass boasts! And a bigger sword, you can't go wrong with bigger swords!

And headbutt that Warlock bitch Yuuto, hell yeah!

Okay, that bit of the ogres torturing Rio... Sure he was one fat bastard with a creepy fetish but... Was it necessary to reduce him to a 'limbless, skinless, boneless, drained, utterly devastated but pretty much alive piece of torso'? And then behead him? ... Hell yeah.

"After a journey that might deserve a whole chapter..."

It deserved TWO chapters Yuuto. Two chapters.

The Harem Statistics have joined our parade.

Today, a new girl joins Yuuto's harem. Whoops, my mistake. Not a new girl but new girls. Not two, not three, not four, but TEN girls. And why did they fall in love with him? Because he molested them. *history channel guy* OGRES. Luckily, they don't seem too relevant with the main harem.

Now, I can't help but imagine a ten-way H-scene of Yuuto and the Tetsu no Otome with their Blood Haze on... That would be... *mind blown*
TheBloodEdge chapter 24 . 12/4/2012
"Those two healthy fruits could be metaphorically eaten by the eyes of men, if you know what I mean."

Oho, I know what you mean, Yuuto...

So Kamui is okay with Yuuto ogling her boobs but her horns are TOTALLY OFF LIMITS. Haha, she's always amusing...

Okay, so the finest warriors couldn't even formulate a plan to escape from a bunch of petty businessmen with tranquilizer guns? Some finest warriors they are!

And why did Yuuto and Kamui run to the back alley? It's better to stay at a crowded place when you're being chased. Wait... Kamui... You magnificent bitch, you planned all this, didn't you?

Harem Statistics!

Kamui is of course, the focus of this one! She's totally open minded about men and perverts but if it involves her horn, you're screwed. The other girls are stuck in Davren and so Kamui gets some... 'Alone time' with Yuuto. Ah, and the Tetsu no Otome are probably gonna join Yuuto's harem.
TheBloodEdge chapter 23 . 12/4/2012
Ah, after the shitstorm of the last chapter, things seem to be dying down a little.

Yuuto's gonna start learning techniques from observing that fight against the [the Black Reaper] huh? It's kinda like how Archer's signature weapons were copied while he was Shiro when he fought against... Archer. Paradoxes...

King Jerk is an appropriate nickname. I now declare thee King Jerk of Fiore!

So Ludd was Solid Snaking it up the whole time eh? To think he was plotting something against our Harem Warriors...

[The Reaper] probably has some hidden depths... Wait, I got it. That one story she told Yuuto at the Festival Of Love... SHE'S THE GIRL OF THE STORY! Speculation, INPUT!

Ah, and who Yuuto lost? EVERYONE.

"My blade shall be yours, your Highness. Just tell me where I should slash it, and I will do it…"

Oho, the things Yuuto could be saying instead if he was a fan of the Super Robot Wars series...

"I am Yuuto Kobayashi! The sword the cleaves evil!"
*Karma turns into a ginormous zweihander*
*leaps into the atmosphere to fall toward the enemy*
"I'll cleave you in two! Taaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
*cleaves enemy in half with the force of the fall*
*raises Karma*
"There is nothing that my Karma cannot cut."
*enemy explodes*

Okay, Harem Statistics a go-go baby!

Princess Liara is seen spicing it up with Yuuto! They now have a lady and knight thing going on here! The other girls are given the short end thanks to their injuries, so it's justified. I guess.
Ryou Arubin chapter 12 . 11/15/2012
I thought it was great that you keep reiterating about who the characters are and what profession are they. (For readers like me who read periodically or infrequently.)

I enjoyed the part where Kamui and Yuuto were interacting. It's great that you still portrayed how Yuuto felt about life his own world throughout the chapters till now, giving us readers a better feel of Yuuto's character and his thoughts.

Some reconciliation between Ennis and Yuuto, and i probably will never get tired of how you wrap up/end the scene with amusing twists that wouldn't end up in Yuuto's favour.

The last scene with [The Reaper] is probably the highlight for me. This would probably meant that [The Reaper] would continue to interfere with Yuuto in his future adventures.

Some errors that i found:

Please take a good care of me," - no "a" here.

"Was left confused," - just "confused" will do.

Other than that, this chapter was fine, albeit maybe a little fillerish (IMO). And it isn't even 1/4 into the story at this point? Leaves me wondering how much more content have you planned out o.o. Keep it up! :D
The lone canine chapter 27 . 11/13/2012
This chapter was just amazing in so many ways. And who knew the reaper was like that? Hm... this is getting very interesting. Even more than before. I really liked how you brought Yuuto back in from his "death", and the ending was very sweet. It fit perfectly. Very well done, a wonderful chapter.
Kisho chapter 18 . 11/13/2012
Uwaaahhhh that is like the sweetest ending ever TvT
Liaraa I officially totally love her now, so cute and sweet and iyaaahhh I wanna hug her ;v;
But nyuuu super-cool chapter just in general ovo I love the new characters, so many cool peopleeee, much love for Prince Aion already ;u; ... and for Fabian Bladerunner just because of his name xD
Daniel Steadfast chapter 26 . 11/13/2012
Loved this chapter
Boomer Kid chapter 25 . 11/11/2012
A nice wrap up to the ogre-gladiator saga. Let's just say everything sort of played out to expectations. Clearing all the conditions for victory and then delivering the ogre's rendition of well-deserved justice. I especially liked hearing more about the ogre's culture from Kamui's speech to Rio, that's probably my favorite part of this chapter.

Just a few things to point out though, mostly regarding plot. As I've said everything is according to expectations, since this little gladiator group is supposed to be cannon fodder from my perspective. And I personally feel some of the side-effects of Yuuto's great powers to the intensity and tension of the scenes. He duelled without much risk of very serious injury due to his cloak, and it seems plot contrivance was in place for the guards to throw his primary weapon onto the ring (Then again, his opponent seems to have her primary weapon from the beginning). Introducing new powers for him is a good point though, nice to see more growth regarding that aspect.

I still enjoyed the battle. Staging flashy moves, while seemingly impractical, but the action is still enough to entertain the crowd and of course, the reader, me! Ah, the wonders of fictional action.

Going to go a little off topic in combat here. Limbs are seldom ever going to beat the longer range of any weapon in realism standards because you have to close the range, including against some puny butter knife. Because of the factor of a weapon's range, in history the spear was always superior to the sword, and was usually the primary weapon on the battlefield, with the sword serving the purpose of a sidearm. It's amusing reading about how peasants and the like in many of Japan's era of the samurai, actually used bamboo spears to impale the every being out of a fully armored samurai, especially one who happened to have only his katana! Bamboos spears defeating the very expensive katana that costs around $1000 today when crafted using the classic and very laborious tamahagane method? I will never get tired of that! Well, when firearms came about, swords regained some widespread use in battle. Case in point: Napoleon and his damn sabres! Some books for knife disarming techniques today now even come with prefaces saying things synonymous to "Oh God and Buddha have mercy, we are actually trying to teach techniques on how to disarm a frickin' dagger! Save our school!" Then again this is disarming, not unarmed combat like jujitsu.

Ah, just some essay paragraph above for the fun of it. It'll be nice to see Yuuto and gang face more difficult conditions during one of their next battles. Any sacrifice that has to be made, however small like losing a penny, would do well to add suspense and intensity to scenes like these. All the best! Well, for this chapter I guess the 'sacrifice' was Yuuto drawing the guards' attention with his 'actions' in the cage to the girls. But it is quite the 'tempting' sacrifice, eh? *grins naughtily*
Benehime chapter 6 . 11/10/2012
I felt like Yuuto was being a jackass in front of the princess! So he has the heart, let's see if he can gain the strength.
Benehime chapter 5 . 11/10/2012
Wow, that was pretty intense. Glad The Reaper only allowed Yuuto to live because it was curious of his actions instead of some cheesy reason lol. I'm starting to like this RPG feel with the whole items and descriptions. Wonder if Yuuto's rank now changed. Great job!
A. Pervert chapter 9 . 11/8/2012
Ludd is very interesting, in a unique way. He's got that 'I do what I must, but also as I please.' kind of aura about him, I think. I like that he chose an abnormal set of skills along with his primary class, it adds that sense of him being different from the rest. That and the fact that he's male.

Ah, some exposition on Ennis. Her background is slightly depressing, but it does explain her rough and tough exterior.

The Tsundere quip stuck out to me. The fact that Ludd didn't understand at all emphasizes how Yuuto really is in a place very far from home. I think the narration after it explaining how Ludd didn't understand was a tad long, since the reader could fit two and two together just from the dialogue.

The way Yuuto and Ludd talk to each other seems the most natural so far. Their chemistry just flows, if you get my drift, and even if the dialogue still has some awkward phrases and grammar, they compliment each others characters in a way that lets us learn more about them.
A. Pervert chapter 8 . 11/5/2012
Training swords made of wood making metallic sounds when they collide? That's quite the magic the High World uses, simulating fights to even that degree. And I like how Ennis threw a punch, most people choreograph sword fights and forget about the potential use of other body parts or the environment, though I don't think Ennis had to drop her weapon. Perhaps she could've thrown a jab with her off hand while still holding the blade? Discarding a sword like that is super risky, even in a spar. Then again, maybe that mention emphasizes how slow Yuuto's reaction time is.

The little moment between Yuuto and Liara was an interesting display of character, especially on Yuuto's part. I was surprised when he said, "Don't worry Princess, everything will be fine." even if he admitted to omitting his true meaning in the narrative. I felt that he displayed a show of rare confidence, which made me hope that maybe he'll become the man he needs to be.

The build up to the climax with the bandits felt a little rushed, in my opinion. I do like the show where Kuya's mother is harassed by the bandits, but the introduction to the fight felt a little awkward, since Ennis decided to rush out of her own accord. It fixed itself after Ennis called the signal, but I still thought that part was a little strange to read, maybe because Yuuto seemed to know she'd just rush out with such reckless abandon without warning. A rampaging, female elf taking down seven bandits with lightning speed would probably surprise most people.

Also, it didn't seem like there was any immediate danger to Yuuto's well-being, which I thought made the fight feel a little flat. Curb-stomping everything, you know? An easy victory, but not the most satisfying.
A. Pervert chapter 7 . 11/5/2012
I think Yuuto has quite a passive narrating voice, lots of 'ly' and not many active sentences. Perhaps that's what you were aiming for, I don't know, but I thought I'd point that out. There are also redundancies in the prose, but overall I believe its a good job. No one's perfect, right?

[the Reaper's] unexpected appearance was definitely the highlight of this chapter, I believe. Her mysterious element provides unique situations, all for the cause of personal amusement. I like the feeling of intrigue, that I want to get to know this person more. Who knew Death liked to play dress up with people?

The street fight had a unique end, I liked the attempt of deviating from the usual anime outcome. There were more active words thrown in during the description of this particular fight, like slammed and exploded, which I thought had a good impact on the pacing.
A. Pervert chapter 6 . 11/5/2012
During the initial description of Davren I found myself counting how many instances the word city popped up. Four, if I remember. I'm typing this because I think the the amount of times it appears in such a small space feels disruptive to the prose.

Cross-breeding eh? Its quite interesting to imagine someone being part-elf, part-human, part-ogre. Nature's freaky way of mix and match.

This chapter seems to put Yuuto into a self depreciating spiral, I feel. I guess its understandable, obviously coming from a background where he never really stood up for himself? I think the interpretation of this can go two ways, but I think there could be better sympathy for him if his emotions were more clear. That's up to you to decide though, these are just my thoughts.

The princess has quite an interesting physical description, having heterochromatic eyes and a doll like complexion. Against the rest of the cast, I think your description of her creates a clear image, while still leaving it up to us to decide the finer details.
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