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Razorine chapter 19 . 11/19/2013
More characters! Yey!

Once again, the majority of names don't bother me. I think their cool x3 It's nice to see Yuuto and Claire being buddy-buddy with the other retainers. And Excalibur! I smiled when I read that in the chapter title.

Another duel, and this time Yuuto lost. It was a matter of focus, and Morgan was quite sneaky to have dropped that sentence. I predict that an understanding will happen between the two in the next chapter x3

And some Kamui backstory. Very tragic... keep it up with these. Making readers feel for your characters is a skill!

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 18 . 11/19/2013
Aww, what a nice chapter x3

First of all, the plot developments are great! Looking forward to more adventures (and twists ;D).

And welp, loads of names. They don't bother me though- I actually smiled at the originality of them. Even at the extremely original ones, like Arthur Pendragon and Terabitha (which reminded me of The Bridge of Terabithia).

Character development for Liara! Sorry for nattering on about these developments, but I always believe that a good story must exhibit a character in a way that should center them in a spotlight of exposure and vulnerability. AKA, they should have a moment to show their awesomeness.

This harem thing is going overboard. x3

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 17 . 11/19/2013
Yey too! Black Reaper Arc, for the win! ;D

First of all, more character development! Especially Miya, which was rather good timing, to be honest. I was wondering if she was anything but a happy-go-lucky thief. And Kamui, too. She's shown her gory side this chapter. These developments... *applauds from sheer awe*

It'll be interesting to see how this whole fiasco will play out. Ludd might be a traitor *nudge nudge wink wink* and will come over and- I'll save my speculations. x3

Will read more awesomeness! Black Reaper Arc, GOOO! ;D
Razorine chapter 16 . 11/19/2013
[Reaper] enjoying a chocolate banana. It was so random that I had to laugh xD

A whole chapter dedicated to love, huh? Interesting! More Yuuto and Ennis time. *prepares to ship*

Glad to see that Claire's been accepted into the guild! Although, it's quite funny how Ennis reacts to the part where Claire is Yuuto's slave.. both in body and soul... ;3

So you're serious about the harem thing? If so, then this will be quite the story!

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 15 . 11/19/2013
Another epic chapter! Man, these fight scenes... *applauds with fanfare in the background*

First of all, great character developments! Your characters are really relatable (to me, anyway) and are quite diverse. It's good to see that Yuuto and Claire have already established a good relationship with each other x3

So Claire wanted to be the saviour, huh? And [the Reaper] controlled her! Well, that was an unexpected twist. And yet...


P-Pardon my outburst... *bows*

But yes, I had that sneaky feeling... I can't wait to see more of this suspense.

Oh, and five members in the Guild!

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 14 . 11/19/2013
WHAT. And after I'd accepted his girly name... *sweat drop*

Well, some action here! Gotta love the betrayals. As always, Yuuto's sarcasm and kindness are nice to watch, and it was exciting to see his morality being tested. Claire isn't a bad guy- girl, I mean- in my opinion, though she did strike me a bit backstabby when she did, you know, backstab Yuuto...

And Ennis! Bringing out the big guns! I am humbled to have witnessed her Supernova xD

Well, let's see what will happen next. Claire is a girl. Yuuto groped her. So far, so good.

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 13 . 11/19/2013
That ending again. Cliffhanger!

Hm, Claire for a boy's name. Who'd have thought. But well, the name's warming up to me, and BladeArc's naming scheme is quite awesome and quite memorable x3

Tez-Tezcaploica? Tezcalpoca? Tez-Tezt- Tezcatlipoca? Acopiltaczet? *confused*

Another awesome character. I'm excited to see where this will lead! I already feel for Claire, and I hope that he and Yuuto bring on a fight for my entertainment *evil grin*

One thing I'd like to nitpick about. Is this the arc where Yuuto just builds up his skills and gains members? If so, then that's fine. I'm just wondering if there's a deadline to where the Nidhogg actually awakens or something.

Maybe there is, but I'm too absent-minded to remember. orz

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 12 . 11/19/2013
Errors and mistakes, huh? Well, some dialogue is off, paragraphs need to be separated, and some of the grammar is unsightly.

*shot multiple times*

Doesn't matter, really! I'm here for the epic story x3

Great interaction between Ennis and Yuuto. I loved that you focused on this, and how their relationship strengthened. This is pretty much another dessert after another quest-feast *wut?*

Yuuto is a character who I think can be easily misunderstood. Sarcastic, but also kind? I'd like to see how he'll act throughout the story, with the other three x3

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 11 . 11/19/2013

Will abandon rant mode to try and finish BladeArc! Besides, reviewing can sometimes disrupt the flow of the story. I want to keep reading... x3

First of all, great pace. Love how the story flows seamlessly, and that ending! *applauds*

I'm already warming up to the characters, and I think that's important. And while I'm happy that Kamui is going to be a part of the guild, I'm also disappointed that Ludd won't be joining too. But oh well, harem warriors it is!

Eh? Did Ludd and Kamui terminate the evil already? A bit unclear about that part, but I won't nitpick. ;F

As always, great spotlight on Yuuto. He's getting better every chapter, and I'm glad that he got to showcase his powers. And [the Reaper] must be a real powerful woman, and I'm looking forward for more awesomeness xD

Will read more! ;D
Lightning Berserker chapter 35 . 11/19/2013
Shit has hit the fan. For those that oppose the Black Reaper.
Razorine chapter 10 . 11/17/2013
More action! Yey!

So Ludd is actually a good guy. Welp. Sorry for the accusation. But I'll be ready to take it back when Ludd seems suspicious... *evil eye*

More terms. I'm enjoying them, to be honest. Mostly because they're easy to remember, not too flamboyant, and because I've no obligation to remember any of them. *is shot*

Okay, maybe some of them ;D

Another callback. So, Kamui is a trained Swordsman with lightning-affinity? I have high hopes that she'll join the guild. Predicted guild member count 4!

And Ludd. I applaud him for making such a bold statement. If I could just see Yuuto's face when he heard that he'd be a hostage... xD Great thinking there.

Kamui seems to be a respectable lady. Strikes me as a stoic type. And Ludd is a Musketeer? I'd be much elated if you'd include some extra chapter somewhere describing each of the classes, you know, like a side-dish from the story-feast x3

Will be looking forward to more! ;D
Razorine chapter 9 . 11/17/2013
A month? WUT?! I.. I now realize how fast-paced this story is... so that's why the last chapter existed. Like a dessert at the end of a feast, that chapter was the dessert to the first arc feast.

Or something like that. *is quite bad at analysis*

WHAT ENNIS HAD FEELINGS FOR A GUY? *is shot by said character* Welp, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. That twist was quite the cliffhanger, with the whole insert-line-break-for-chapter-number-and-name *sweat drop*

Ludd seems to be quite the jovial guy. He and Yuuto seem to get a long very well, though I ahve a sneaky suspicion that Ludd isn't what he seems...

And it's quite weird how Ennis hadn't introduced Yuuto to him already. It's been a month. They must've spent some time in the kingdom to have bumped into Ludd! But well, I don't want to nitpick. I mean when I do. ;D

Ah, some Ennis backstory. These things are great for character development, which is good. Yuuto's had plenty, so giving Ennis some spotlight was a good move. Now Miya is left... ;F

An adventure to the faraway land, huh? I bet it's called the Wastelands *evil grin*

Ludd, I won't be surprised if you turned out to be a backstabber. I'm watching you. *evil eye*

Will read the next chapter, and then some more tomorrow (I have a schedule. Sorry ;S) ;D
Razorine chapter 8 . 11/17/2013
First of all, the chapter name is awesome ;D

Ah, a quest-centric chapter! Not sure how it contributed to the plot, it seems to be more of an omake. But that's just me! I think this chapter was meant to showcase Yuuto's training and his progression. And then, he showcases it in an awesome quest!

Besides, Liara gave Yuuto something that would definitely contribute to the plot. A ruby, huh? Maybe it's a tracking device... ;F

And bandits seems to be No.1 on the list for 'baddies-the-hero-should-defeat-first', in my opinion. And shame on them for violating Kuya's mother! Glad to see the trio kicking their butts xD

And yes, that mark sure is strange. I know that Nero was a Roman emperor, but you could've just used it as a name. Oh well. I shall have answers to my questions!

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 7 . 11/17/2013
More Ennis and Yuuto time. Ah, the tsundere moments are priceless xD

And hallo! The Reaper is back so soon! Sorry, I mean [The Reaper]! She read my mind when she told Yuuto to become a Dark Knight. It was a bit obvious, but a surprising twist too.

This whole RPG theme is really cool. All those terms don't actually bother me at all, since I can practically remember them *is a stickler for fantasy RPG*. My personal pick would be Paladin, but that's just me *should get back to the story*

Yuuto's sarcasm is amazing as always xD

Hah, I knew that Miya would join Yuuto's guild! Now I'm thinking that samurai lady will too! ;D

Cool chapter and, as always, your concise way of writing really gets the story flowing. Makes these long chapters all the more enjoyable x3

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 6 . 11/17/2013
Well. This is interesting.

So Ennis has authority, huh? I was expecting the three to break in the kingdom with an awesome plan, but that's just my zany opinion. *is shot*

Glad to see that relationships are forming. Yuuto, Miya and Ennis have that state of equilibrium where each character has some equal interaction with the other two. It's quite nice, and strengthens the fact of nakama x3

Hallo! What's this? Princess Liara was the one who called Yuuto? Ah, I see. Fantastic callback here! I can clearly understand her explanations since Yggdrasil was first mentioned two chapters back. That gives me space to sink all that knowledge in my head and to call it back for this new knowledge, the Nidhog, the Filia, and etc.

In summary, *thumbs up!*

Welp. Yuuto has a long way to go before he can become strong. And a guild?! Oho, I'd like to see that. Member count of Black Reaper Guild 3

Will read more of epicness! ;D
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