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HUGEMARINAFAN chapter 40 . 12/14/2012
Okay, I teared up.
I love this story to bits. I've been a fan of yours since you first started on fictionpress. It's wonderful to see you grow.
And I love How To Be A Heartbreaker. It really is perfect.
Keep writing!
surrendertomusic chapter 40 . 12/14/2012
AWWWWWWW...3 that was such an adorable ending. It's been so fun reading about these two! :) I love them so much. Endings of a story are always so bittersweet. Great job!
Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf chapter 40 . 12/14/2012
Aww... I thought that it could have been fluffier... FWUFFYYYYY
Fate Rose chapter 40 . 12/14/2012
OHMYGOODNESS THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER AND NOW I HAVE ALL THESE FEELS AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM EXCEPT I GUESS DUMP THEM IN THE REVIEW. Should we have ice-cream? Is this an ice-cream occasion? I don’t even know anymore. I don’t even know. I guess I’ll just read and review and find it all cute and adorable and fluffy and stuff. Except, I don’t want to start reading because then I’ll have to finish reading and then it will be over. What the hell am I supposed to do when it’s over? What will I do, Sam? What? D: *sigh* Well, I have to read it sooner or later and it would be nice if I actually reviewed the same night you posted so let’s get to this then!

Denny’s! We have so many good memories at Denny’s! And so many weird memories. And a few of questionable quality. The point is, Denny’s is a lovely place with lots of memories. It’s also giving me flashbacks to the beginning of the story. Nicely done!

Aww. She got a job at a flower shop! Cute. You know, if you ever want to revisit this adorable couple, you could totally write an adorable one-shot that takes place forever in the future where Preston and Charlie are married (after probably more than a few break-ups, they seem like they’d be an on and off couple) and they own a flower shop and they’re cute and happy and stuff. . I haven’t put any prior thought into this *at all*. Ahem…

Denny’s has a two dollar menu, Charlie! You’ll be okay!

She said boyfriend! And he noticed! D’aww.

So sad that Ollie is all paranoid about who he dates. I mean, it’s smart, but sad that he needs to. (Although, he really should have checked Brenda out because even if she wasn’t HBA, she could have still been a gold digger or an attention whore or something else not pleasant.)

HE SAID GIRLFRIEND. I love him. (And I also just typo-ed that so it said ‘girlfriends’ at first and I was just like ‘Well that would definitely change things.’)

“You’re pretty.” YES HE IS, CHARLIE. YES HE IS. I’m glad she knows this.

Lol. She works with flowers so she gets to smell nice. This amuses me.

Now, if only Diana would have sat back when it was Charlie’s heart that got broken. But I’m glad she didn’t or we wouldn’t have the awesomeness that is Charleston. :D

Good for Charlie! Saving Riley from the new HBA!

“Have fun not having it blow up in your faces.” This is a great quote. XD And YES! Cecilia’s HBA is failing! Whoo! (Nice way of preventing a sequel. I see what you did here!)

“Are you trying to make me not happy?” You just have a lot of great lines, you know that?

“It’s all part of your charm.” This boy is flawless and awesome. But seriously, he must be the crazy one to stick around after all Charlie has put him through. He’s awesome.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Charlie. You love him. And he loves you. He loved you when he sold his car and went in debt-ish for you. (I’m convinced, regardless of what he has to say on the matter.)


Alright, well, I kind of hope that this is the first review you get on fictionpress, although I don’t think it will be. I was aiming for that, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to cut my review short because I wanted to be first.

I loved every minute and moment of this story. I just looked up old reviews because I was curious of how I felt about things in the beginning and well, my reviews are so short that I don’t really tell you how I felt. Silly me. But look how far we’ve come! I think my reviews always start out short and then grow. This one will probably be my longest one yet, but I’m not sure. We’ll see. Anywho, I’m off topic. I loved this story. The characters were great. They were adorable, amusing, awesome, supportive, and just generally great. Cecilia was a fantastically written villain because I totally hate her guts. :D Great job! And Preston and Ollie are flawless. (Not really, but basically. I’ve dated worse.)

And since I’m taking the time to ramble, I’ll inform you that you’re an awesome roommate and I’m going to be so super sad when the day comes that we’re moving out. It’s going to be so weird not living with you anymore. Who will remind me to do all of my homework? D: Seriously though, you’re the best and I *guess* I love you and stuff. XD I hope you enjoy looking back at this one day. (I also hope you don’t think, “Oh, that chick. God, I hate her now,” when you do.)

I eagerly await your next tale, roommie! :D Time to submit this.

Final word count: 843
LOVEtoREAD22 chapter 15 . 12/13/2012
Whenever I have kids I'm going to make them watch 2012 and tell them, "I survived that."
Guest chapter 39 . 12/13/2012
Wow the end is soo near and its so sad to see this story end but finally they got together! Can't wait for the epilogue so that I can see how things fully turned out in the end
whiteyachts chapter 39 . 12/12/2012
this was just perfect - i love the fluffiness and feelings! :) it's no wonder you're so attached to these characters, you developed them so well. i'm so sad this story is about over!
funnechick chapter 39 . 12/11/2012
This was great! My favorite chapter in a long time! :) (If not ever.) I did enjoy the fluffiness and feelings!
Fate Rose chapter 39 . 12/11/2012
So we're sitting in history and I'm bored and unproductive. I should pay attention but I just can't. I'm listening to history and suddenly thinking about puppies. (Speaking of which, we get to see puppies today!)

OHMYGOD. I just realized this is the last chapter. Now I'm sad. *sigh* Guess I'll start reading all the feels.


“Every rose has its thorn.” I love white roses. I’m not fond of roses in general, but the white ones are so pretty.

‘Oh this flower is pretty. Unlike my life. My life is shit.’ What the hell train of thought, Charlie?


She’s like a child! She basically threw a temper tantrum in the shop. She broke things and won’t clean up her mess. Child!

“his usual perfectness” Best words to describe Preston ever. He’s not perfect. No one’s perfect. But damn it, sometimes he seems like it. …I love him.

“Your super nice car!” Seriously, it was a kick ass car. He might not think he loves Charlie, but no one sells a car that nice for a girl they might be falling in love with. He’s awesome.

Ahahahahaha. I love the puke-stain comment. (Fun fact: if cleaned well enough, puke won’t stain. But boys don’t know how to clean things. Preston probably told someone else to do it, too. XD)

HE’S SO FREAKING CUTE. “You would have gotten in trouble otherwise.” He’s like a little kid. He just wanted to help her because he’s nice. He’s a nice sir!

They’re yelling at each other. She’s taking a step closer. I see where this is going.
And…they didn’t make out. Which makes sense because this chapter isn’t even half done. We’ve still got time. They’re going to make out. It will happen.

“I’m crazy.”
lol. These two.

He’s going to choose incomplete because he loves Charlie! Not Maggie! …I love this boy.

“I would really appreciate it if you said something back.” -.- I’ve had to say that before. It’s not a fun sentence. It’s often preceded by shocking/bad news and words back are very helpful.

100,000 dates sound expensive. Unless they just walk to the park a 100,000 times. Because both of them are super-duper broke.

And there’s the make out! Witty line and make out!

They’re freaking adorable.

You’re a rock, Sam! Just like Mrs. R. XD
But I’m gonna miss these guys, too. They’re adorable and hilarious and awesome and yeah. They shall be missed.

Also, I feel like you ended the chapter just before they started doing it on Charlie’s desk. Lol. And ew, but yeah.

Only the epilogue left! :0 It’s so weird to think that it’s almost over. It pretty much is over now, but yeah. We’re just seeing what’s going on with everyone else and whatnot in the next chapter. But Charlie and Preston are together so yay! That makes me happy.

I totally enjoyed the fluffiness and feelings. They were super cute and mostly not sad. Yay! I look forward to Friday! (And will also be sad because the story will be over. :c)

Final word count: 518
flep chapter 39 . 12/11/2012
I loved the fluffiness and feelings! It was awesome! I can't belive it's almost done...
Cornerofoysters chapter 39 . 12/11/2012
Awn, so sad HBA is coming to an end. I'm gonna miss it so much.
I love the characters. This is really REALLY sad.
But I'm happy they finally together, it was about time.
Amy90 chapter 39 . 12/11/2012
There's nothing confusing in it. Sweet ending! Or is there another chapter?
One more chapter wouldn't hurt - there's so much left unsaid in the end. Like what about Preston's family, will it be awkward with them, and what about Ollie. And then there are still the other girls spooking around in my head - they can't keep doing this, it's so wrong!

Anyway, I'm glad you don't plan to write a sequel - that's like riding a pretty good horse until there's just a dead one left.
Can't wait to read your next story!
surrendertomusic chapter 39 . 12/10/2012
FINALLY. They're together 333 *dreamy sigh*
And they really do fit well together. At laaaaasst. :) :) :) :)
Fate Rose chapter 38 . 12/9/2012
I opened Facebook and already got distracted. I want to get this review knocked out so I at least feel marginally productive.

Different notes: Turkey and crackers are delicious. Anastasia is an adorable movie.

How will Charlie ever get a job? Goodness.

Random child (I know she was a teen, but in comparison to Charlie, she was a child)- Random child in the supermarket. Sounds like a weird interaction to me.

Preston’s mom is literally like the nicest lady ever. Some parents would go all ‘Momma bear’ on Charlie and she just doesn’t. She’s so freaking awesome! I love her.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He punched his car. That just sounds super-duper painful. Denise would know. I wouldn’t. But god damn it, there’s something about the act of punching out of romantic frustration that is just downright sexy. Mmm.

Preston tried so hard to get the money for her. HE CARES ABOUT CHARLIE. I love him so much. So very much. He’s so amazing.

“It must have been nice to have parents like that.” Well, there go my feels.

“What did he spend the money on?” Really, Charlie. I know you don’t understand why, but you know what he spent the money on. Stop denying it you silly girl.


“I had made her son angry enough to punch his car and possibly stupid enough to sell it.” Ahahaha. She thinks she made him stupid. Ahahaha. That’s great.

He sold his freaking amazing car for her. Like, damn. That car was something. He really likes her. I know there’s no ‘I love you’ this time around, but I feel like selling is car is a gesture grand enough to say it. He’s one amazing boy.

Because he loves you, Charlie! That’s why! Pull your head out of your ass and see it! HE LOVES YOU. That awesomely amazing boy loves you. Let him love you, Charlie. Embrace it. Embrace him. Next chapter. Let’s do this.


What are you going to do once HBA is done? :0 Oh wait, I already know! The perks of being your roommate! :D Well, I look forward to the next adventure we go on via your stories. I also look forward to the last two chapters. I’ll read and review them as soon as I can! :D
Fate Rose chapter 37 . 12/9/2012
Hi. So I’m super late with this review. It’s Sunday night. Our poetry portfolios are due Tuesday and neither one of us wants to work on them. We’re watching The Princess and the Frog. You just made Denise a tumblr. I decided I want to do something productive, so here I am. Reviewing and stuff. Maybe I’ll get through both HBA chapters, but somehow I doubt that.

For a minute, I totally forgot why she was going to court. I was just like, “Breaking hearts is not illegal!” But then I remembered: college, money, club, fraud. So I got it now.

HER DEBT WAS PAID. Whoo! :D Go, Preston. Goodness, I love that boy.

Lol. I love Ollie. He’s hilarious and adorable. Best big brother in the in history of ever.

He really is hilarious with all his unintentional insults. It’s just great. I love him. “Who has that much money to just spend on you? Not that I’m not glad it happened.” Lol.

“Maybe it was that Cecilia girl?”
I dismissed that idea immediately.
It was just such a ridiculous notion that Charlie didn’t even think about it. Not even for a second. XD

“Maybe Mom and Dad-“
“No.” That was just so instant. I literally laughed. It was not a laughter appropriate moment, but I totally did. My bad.

Now we’re watching Anastasia. Damn, it takes me for-freaking-ever to review. Jeebus.

“missed out on one terrific husband” This line is both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

Ollie is so cute and adorable. His “yay, you didn’t go to jail” lunch is awesome!

Warning: You should probably pretend this paragraph isn’t here. I don’t advise reading it. But I won’t delete.
What? No sequel? Now, Sam, you know you *totally* want to write one and everyone completely wants to Cecilia’s redemption story and ahahahaha, no. I can’t even pretend otherwise. (Although, you could maybe do a sequel from Jane’s or Holly’s or an unnamed girl’s POV where Karma bitch-slaps the hell out of Cecilia. Not that you have to write a sequel. Or even need an idea. But I’m just throwing this out there. I’M SORRY. I retract this idea. But I won’t delete it. You know what, just pretend it’s not here. I’m going to put a warning at the beginning of this paragraph. Yeah…)

Anywho, guess I should probably go onto the next chapter because I want to read it. Preston’s mom is the nicest lady ever and I wanna see her again. But first I have to pee. So…I think I’m going to review the next chapter and then post both of these.
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