Reviews for For the Day
Red Red Ribbons chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
In all honesty, this short, approx. 40 word poem left me speechless. In that many words, you have put me through the wash a few times, while running all comprehension through lawnmower blades. But that doesnt mean that it is bad. Instead, it means that this has a special meaning to you. i know it does. You do not seem to clearly state any purpose or event, but you do use such language and wording that lead me to believe something this confusing and gut wrenching happened to you. I percieve it as such, though, and beleive it is beautiful. I sense the bold is able to help you along in the writing, and us in the reading. Overall, this is amazing. If only i could know what inspired you to write this, because i could never imagine.

Keep Writing.