Reviews for In God's Defence
AStarElvenLight chapter 1 . 3/8
I am also a Christian though not a Catholic and I understand what viewpoint you are coming from. I liked some lines of this poem 'God's justice lives where ours does die' and 'His Glory and Name I also defend, They shall last when I do end'! But after reading some of your other stories, it's my opinion that this is not your best writing. Maybe your points were expressed too simplistically? And the rhymes are a little jerky. But I didn't hate the poem and it was interesting enough for me to take the time to review, so you must have done something right. ;)
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
This is an incredibly poor defense of your god. You blame the issue of evil on the devil and humans, but god supposedly created everything and that would include the devil and humans and, therefore, evil. And why would he create humans with certain impulses only to punish us for acting upon them? And why does he keep the devil around at all when he could easily zap him out of existence and save a lot of 'souls' a lot of grief. It certainly seems awfully suspicious.

The problem with god's sense of justice is that nobody knows what it is. You cannot possibly get an accurate representation of it from the bible because that book contradicts itself. That is why there are so many vastly different sects of Christianity. There's something for everyone to cherry pick depending on the arbitrary morals of the individual doing the cherry picking. And God is strangely silent on the issue, even as people are dying in religious wars or following barbaric practices such as imposing genital mutilation upon their children or denying medical treatment for themselves and others in favor of praying for heath when it clearly doesn't work.

As for granting mercy when we cry for it, are you sure? A lot of people suffer a great deal more in life than what you appear to. You could, just like me, be one of the lucky ones. I wouldn't thank god for playing favorites.
Some people are unfortunately born in abusive families and make the wrong friends, should they be thanking god? Or is it just a test? A very sick and depraved test? And why is it okay for him to impose strife, exactly?
Instead of popping off his cloud and explaining things, he'd rather torture people. Are you sure you're not worshiping the devil?

When I look at the world and I see all the horrors within it from the hunter/prey dynamic of nature to the catastrophes like landslides, earthquakes and hurricanes to mental illness, prejudice, poverty, famine, incurable maladies and genetic deformities, to beyond the world where whole planet systems that are possibly inhabited by living organisms are being consumed by their own star and life-force, it certainly seems that if there is a god or gods, they don't care.

I'm sorry but if your god is real he has a lot to answer for and he isn't excused just because he's god and he's powerful and feared and worshiped. If he wants something from us, why should we blindly submit? Why does he even want worship anyway? Isn't that pathetic? The creator of the entire universe getting his knickers in a twist because a bunch of ignorant primates don't see why he'd be petty enough to want us to lick his boots.
Crossed in Love chapter 1 . 5/22/2012
Your last two lines resounded with me. It's less common to see someone take a legitimate stand for their faith. Don't let anything steal your joy and ruin your zeal for the Lord. Praising His name for brothers and sisters so bold. In Christ, Samantha.
the-lovely-anomaly chapter 1 . 5/7/2012
I'm not particularly a fan of rhyming poems, but I must say, I commend you for having the courage to come to your God's defense. Kudos to you!
Thomicas chapter 1 . 5/7/2012
I completely disagree with everything this poem stands for and expresses, but I will leave it at that.

The poem in itself is well written and floats well with a nice rhyming scheme. You did a good job!