Reviews for Modern Goddess: Trapped by Atlas
foxcean chapter 2 . 9/23/2013
oh myyyy this was great. ugh i wish i could buy this! love it, though! Atlas sounds adorable.
Nyx'sReincarnation chapter 2 . 12/11/2012
Amazing story so far! I can't wait to see what will happen! I noticed that the main character from the last book and the main character from this book are sort of similar in ... well, personality and position I guess you could say. Officina/Dione was more uptight, but I guess that's changed.
Keep up the amazing work! :) (:
Tarah xXx
jammi chapter 16 . 6/10/2012
[He scrabbled on the ground, then finally stood, panting heavily. 'Slipped,' he tried to explain, 'ground is kind of dirty… and made me slip.'

Jeanie ignored his excuse, as did she ignore yet another accusation about her temple cleaning routine.]

LOL. Though I guess with Chaos behind him now Ares is now extremely powerful.

[The creature that held the sky, and she, the path between the sky and earth. They were natural consorts; they belonged in each other's arms for the rest of time. And it was by returning to that natural embrace that the bridge had finally become whole again.]

Aww, I like that.

This was a great story, a lot of fun and I liked the ending and the fact that Atlas supported her there at the end but didn't take over.
jammi chapter 15 . 6/10/2012
[Jeanie did not immediately fall to her feet, the last trapped skerrick of her power finally rushing over her like a tidal wave. Nope. Instead she cleared her throat pointedly. 'Janus is a man.']


['Atlas, I've read the myths, I've seen the pictures, seen the coins - the dude has a beard,' she put her hands on her hips.]

HAHAHAHAH, she's really stuck on that beard, hahah.

[She couldn't be Janus; Janus was a beared bloke.


He had a beared, for god's sake! She couldn't be Janus.]

bearded** and beard**

['They could not loose you. They needed you.]


[If he suddenly burst out with a deep cackle and said that he loved his broads strong and smart, she really would roll her eyes again.]

jammi chapter 14 . 6/10/2012
I was with you with her change in feelings towards Atlas up until she dropped the bomb about loving him. It's not majorly jarring, especially since there's so much to love about Atlas, lol, but considering two/three chapters before she seemed set on thinking nothing but bad about him, this feels very out of nowhere.

Maybe if earlier on she'd had more moments of liking him or doubting her beliefs about what she thought he was then yeah, it would work. I can believe that she's falling in love with him, but being in love with him feels fast.

But then again she's a goddess who's about to pass through the gates of Tartarus lest she gets captured by the crazy man acting as a gate to Chaos. She probably doesn't have time to pussy foot around, lol.

[then Jeanie would suspect he was a naughty boy standing before the principle.]


[Tartarus shrugged her shoulders. 'Chaos you say? I haven't seen him in years.']

I was going to ask if she'd seen Chaos, wouldn't she not be around any longer? but if she's around for all the ages, she was probably there when the world was created, or created with it, or she's one of those figures the mayans/babylonians like that came before the Gods and then got shafted once their children/these new beings became powerful and chose to rise up.

[but as Tartarus walked before tem,]


[that if ever we give up our creativity for destruction, he will be there to complete the final act of destruction - so that creation can reform in its ashes. I mean really, nothing to be scared about, but bloody oath we should prepare for it and ensure through proper education, intelligence, and effective unilateral security measures that we never lose sight of creation for an instant.' Tartarus shook her head again.]

I like how she de-monsterfied Chaos. Even knowing that he wasn't technically a bad guy, as Atlas had said earlier and Jeanie had commented on as well, it's easy to demonify him, especially with Ares screaming down the place and getting folks all riled up, lol.

I really like how it's a lesson though, once you stop creating and start destroying the ultimate 'creator' will come and destroy everything to create again.

AND it makes me think of a lot of the major ancient civilizations. Rome, Greece, and Egypt. They all rose to power, yes with some violence, but with a lot of amazing inventions but once they got more focused on fighting other people and gathering more land, they fell. They hit the peak of their power then fell into a decline and all of a sudden everything they knew gets lost, we hit a dark age, or someone else comes into power, and folks have to relearn.

[tearing his way through you mind, and spilling out from the centre of your skull so that he can destroy everything in creation,' Tartarus put up her finger up to make yet another point.]

your** mind. and center**

AHAHAH, well, that's reassuring Tartarus. Not a horrifying image at all, lmao. I like her though. She seems so officious, like a fussy school teacher or someone who's sick of politics and knows more than everyone but no one ever listens because she's in the background.

Interesting that you chose Tartarus to make Tartarus a goddess in her own right though.

['but as a place for gods, goddesses, and monsters to get their perspective back,' she popped her hands on her hips and gave a toothy smile. It looked like she was giving a sales pitch.]

LMAO. Well, I guess that's one way to look at it.

[despite what we,' he indicated himself, Tartarus, and Atals]


Cronos and Tartarus? That will be an interesting story. hahah, I wonder how Zeus would react to his father falling in love with the 'deepest pit of hell'.

You know, it's interesting because they are the exact opposite. Cronos is a sky god, where as Tartarus, by the nature of where she is and the fact that she can't leave would be something of an earth goddess. Maybe not technically but still, it's like those things with the moon and the sun loving each other, lol.

But I like it and I like how you've explained Cronos aging backwards.

[But just before she hit the ground travelling at an awful speed, someone caught her.

That someone was Atlas.

He had landed just before her, and reaching up, he snatched her right out of the air.]

And that made me smile, especially since she'd made that comment earlier about him catching her.

HAHAHA, she finally makes a move and they're interrupted by a group of nuns, hahaha.

That was a cute kiss and a really unique way of dealing with the bridge issue and that whole scenario without her having to actively fight anyone.

I wonder if Chaos can get into Mars because like Jeanie he views himself as two separate parts instead of one whole. Deus might have Zeus/Jupiter/Thor but even when he's switching he's still all three whereas Mars only ever holds on to Mars.
jammi chapter 13 . 6/10/2012
['I count this as the fourth time you have fallen through a crack in the ground; I believe this should be practice enough,' he brushed at some non-existent dust on his top.]


[Despite the fact she was being hunted by nearly every god in this time, and had the prospect of the end of the universe to look towards, Jeanie gave a hearty laugh at that.]

I think, considering the way Atlas has been amused by her throughout, it's nice for her to have a bit of the upperhand even if he's correct.

I wonder why she's able to command Cerberus. I honestly have no idea who she can be. I've been thinking about it and I still have nothing.

That moment when you're playing and it just gets really serious, lol. It's understandable for her to forget though, he doesn't act as if he spent a long period of time bearing a heavy weight. At least for the most part.

I like serious Atlas though, it just shows the different sides of him and makes him more likable.

[as it wouldn't take too long for Ares and palls]


And I really like that little bit at the end with Hades calling Cerberus a bad dog, lol.
pulotpukyutan chapter 16 . 6/10/2012
yay! after quite a lot of distractions, i finally finished this! and my-oh-my, i truly enjoyed it! what an adventure Atlas and Jeanie had.

when Jeanie finally knew that she was Janus, when she was trying to come to terms to her real identity, it was hilarious, especially when she kept on referencing to the beard. lol!

thanks for sharing this. i love you and your writing.)



i started reading Gladys the Guard a few days ago. and i'm loving it, too!
Ashlys chapter 16 . 6/8/2012
Once again you've written another mind-blowing tale! This was really fun to puzzle out. I was so sure that I'd guessed right- the torches in her temple, the keys, the fact Cerberus liked her and her split personality...I thought Jeanie was Hecate the Greek Goddess of entryways, crossroads, earth/sea/sky. Ah well :D This was an entertaining, humorous and thought provoking story. Thank you.
jammi chapter 12 . 6/6/2012
[as the numerous thoughts filled her skull]

there's no need for 'the' here.

And sidenote: You can put up Covers for stories now? Huh.

[While Ares had wielded it as if it was the concentrated point of power for all his warring desires,]

See, here's the thing. Wouldn't it be though? It's a weapon made specifically for war, as such wouldn't it be to Ares something like her keys? Where as as long as she has a key she is more focused and more powerful?

Atlas appears to be more of an old school, nature is my power, type of guy.

[Jeanie had known, academically, ever since the events of Ragnarok, that gods and goddesses could now break out of their myths.]

But here's the thing THE MYTHS HAVE BEEN WRONG.

Excuse me if I ramble and get a bit incoherent, lol, but she, and everyone else, has been acting as if the others have been breaking out of their myths and changing things. But, okay, yes they're breaking free, but considering the way their myths all seem to become twisted over the course of the centuries, turning them into shadows of their true selves as a result of either new believers coming in and boxing them into another form or because of the gods themselves changing history (that's what I'm assuming they did in her case) and then forgetting about it.

Man, I had a thought I wanted to get out but now it's getting all twisted up, lol. Like, she keeps implying that these myths are the absolute truth and that when you break out of them, you're changing who you are. BUT I get the impression that these myths force you to become what other people expect you to be.

Does that make sense?

[In the eyes of her believers and the other gods and goddesses, she had simply been the kind of small-time goddess who did not have great myths, great powers, and certainly not great love.]

Like that right there. She can't have a great love because it wasn't believe, where as Zeus cheated on his wife in the most creative ways possible but they couldn't split because in his myth he was always a Consort.

[what just happened at stuff.']


Hmm, before she started to question her sanity and the like, she had thought that he was going to be a part of her myth and was pleased about it, only to go right after and saying it's not a date [which works] but then she continues to go into denial which is strange because I feel as if she's already accepted it.

[And that would be when the usually firm, in-control, confident Atlas faltered. His expression lost the 'I'm a powerful and all-wise Titan' edge, and just between the little flicker in his eyes she saw something that just maybe could have been... uncertainty, some kind of fear, some kind of twisted anticipation.]

hahahah, she was mean for doing that to him, but it's nice to see that she has lightened up.

[And she doubted that what drew his posture down a little and his usually steady gaze in, was fear of her Chaos-door ability. Perhaps Mr Confidence Pants, despite all his protestations at love, was just as nervous as her about finding out just exactly they could become together.]

I am loving the fact that despite how he's been acting he isn't as confident about their relationship status as he pretends.

[Could it be, could it possibly be that, yes, Atlas knew what was on her mind - he knew exactly what had faltered her step, what had kept her from wallowing in her horrid situation, what had kept the flush warm and fresh at her cheeks.]

This needs a question mark at the end.

[So he she walked, ]

take out the he

[It was the town; it was pulling her in. With every step she felt more and more comforted.]

This is reminding me of that gate that she felt drawn too only for it take whatever touches it and makes it part of the gate.

I know she's not the Oracle but I'm guessing it's rare for someone to have a vision at Delphi, especially one that intense and the Oracle wasn't a part of it. And in a past chapter Atlas had made that comment about it being difficult for Delphi to turn her away. Hmmm...
R. Ficst chapter 16 . 6/5/2012
Yay! I love who she is, and what she learns. : )
pille-ip chapter 16 . 6/5/2012
Wow! An amazing positive fantasy hit! Can't wait to see more from your writings :) Cookie points for the amazing work!
Daphne.Claire chapter 15 . 6/4/2012
I really like the ending of the story is was a lot more romantic (simply becuase its in the romance genre) and while it was a simpler than details, the plot twists that u have in this particular series (ur other stories are simple and great)tend to be more complicated. I mean i eventually got it becuase i wanted to know but if i were to pick at one thing, it wuld probably be that. the twists in the plot and the theology behind the goddesses powers need to be more simple otherwise u will lose us, not completely that we wont read but their will be a chunk of info that we wont bother to read. but honestly this was really just a great story, i really really really enjoyed it. it was worth the procrastinator stress i had last week. :)
kassandra chapter 16 . 6/4/2012
Sad that it's over - I really liked these two, Atlas was so much fun :) I've been reading it since the beginning but have been too lazy to review... sorry.

Um, there were a few typos throughout, but, not that important. You did really, really well explaining the whole time/past/present/future thing , I still got a headache but I was able to follow quite a bit of it, so congratulations XD Seriously, it's something I struggle with :p

Anyway, looking forward to next story in this series, cause they are brilliant and I never know what's going to happen next ;)
LanternLight13 chapter 16 . 6/3/2012
Another great epistemological story with some interesting characters. Thanks for sharing.
Daphne.Claire chapter 16 . 6/3/2012
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