Reviews for Prokrity
wetdrtertedrtertert chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
I found this to be an interesting read. Some things about it I enjoyed, while others stood out as a bit odd. The writing style was odd yet enjoyable something about it helped add to the story. I enjoyed quite a few of the themes, and the ways the characters spoke for the most part. It was a nice short story.

If I were to look at this with ways to improve it, I would personally try to put more into the characters and the scenery. Because it was a short story itself almost all the characters were not built upon, with Prokity being the one that I could remember most. For describing the scenery, it felt very bland in some cases. As a small example "The house is roomy and old-fashioned" that was a very vague description, maybe attempt to expand on that vision. "The house is exceedingly large with blank areas of space, giving it a roomy vibe. The ancient furniture and lack of modern technology added to the atmosphere, making the whole house look old fashioned."

However it was quite an interesting read overall. I hope this review helped in some manor.