Reviews for The Duet
Lunary Canary chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Congrats on your first chapter Chris! :D

Alrighty though, I've got to give a real review though, just 'cause.

Okay, starting off opening with 2 main characters, that's fine...Diologue is runny in a few places, but I get the general grasp of it.

For example: "Don t worry we'll be fine."

To: Don't worry, we'll be fine."

And also

the four classes choice there top five combatants

*Choose, there should be 'their'

Heh, sorry, I read across it and it was like a giant wall of 'what?' :P

The Grand Stander is an interesting concept, but I'm not really sure what the battle suits really are (so they have minds on their own? Or it was the person inside of it?), I'm just pointing things out from a regular persons view, for whoever else reads it.

Illegal modifications? Now I'm wondering. You could've included a few examples of those, but okay.

Aww his thing on Alanna. It'd be ironic if he has to face her during the battle portions of class night.

No, they both have weird names. Hmm. And I recommend limiting the amount of bold used...usually people use bold for authors notes. But hey, do whatever you need.

What's 'camming'? OHH Web cam. Took me a second.

Interesting friendship they got, but is she a senior? Well, I don't know, I guess it doesn't matter right now. I have no more words to judge, and since I have no idea what direction this is going in, I just wish you good luck! :P