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Live and learn chapter 27 . 10/23
Whoops! I just realized that i spelled Kaylee's name completely wrong in my last review. But Tyler was clearly upset because it was never his intention to get back with Celeste in the first place. Or thats my opinion at least. And Ryder can just jump in a hole. Seriously. I don't think anyone will miss him. Oh, and Janessa was awesome as usual. And Arielle just plain adorable. Hopefully Ryder gets whats coming to him and Tyler and my girl Kay work things out. Great chapter :)
Live and learn chapter 26 . 10/23
NOOOOOO KAILEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Just shut your fat mouth for once! :(
But i guess it does speak for how much she acre about him if she wants him to be happy, even if she is completely blind. Wake up girl!
Guest chapter 27 . 10/18
I've been diligently following this story and can't wait for the next chapter! Like really I can't.

Did anyone notice that Tyler doesn't admit or even acknowledge the part of Kayla's explanation where she mentions that Tyler was fooling around with Celeste anyway. Ho hum. I are befuddled.
angelacuri chapter 27 . 10/17
I'm finally all caught up in this story and I really like it! Representing POC to which is so great to see.
Michelle1236 chapter 27 . 10/16
There is no way Tyler's end goal was to get Celeste back! He just wanted to be with Kaylee in any way he can and maybe even end up with her. I hope they work things out soon and admit their true feelings to each other. I wonder if turning off her phone is going to bite Kaylee in the butt and cause more drama? I was not expecting Kaylee to tell Celeste the whole thing like that! I was shocked! Also, I added you on NaNoWriMo! I'm not sure if I'll be participating this year. I really want to and planned on it, but it's been a busy semester. Good luck to you though! And update soon! I'm excited to find out what happens.
LadyluckAJ chapter 27 . 10/16
This was do good...okay confession time. I literally check my email daily to see if you updayed this and im so sad its coming to an end. I love all of these characters. Janessa is a mess but definitely put a huge smile on her face while she tried Ari is so unbelievably precious abd amazing, her attempt to help actually did help and Jermaine is a mess but he sees that they are good for each other.

Now on to Tyler and Kaylee...I officially believe his end game was Kaylee all along. Kaylee is just so smart and spacey that she is slow on the uptake but her heart was in the right place when she told Celeste. She wanted Tyler happy and maybe it's time for him to take a moment, step back and realize that she TOLD him she did it for him and labeled herself the bad person for HIM. Not Ryder or anyone but him. And she has been trying to tell him something on Two different occasions but never got to. Its time he start to see Kaylee is Kaylee and she just does things without thinking (remember stalking her friend to see if she was dating her enemy or sitting in a hot car eating a burger instead of trying to find help with ber flat tire), he was there for both, he knows this but it is time fid HIM to tell her what he is thinking and or fine out what is going on just the two of them with no one to interrupt. He is affected ny this because he is back to angry pissed off Tyler but he can be happy if he talks her.
Kristy Collins chapter 27 . 10/16
Love this chapter! Arielle is such a sweet little sister! I also can't wait to see how all this pans out and read a bit of what goes on in Tyler's head.
Lea Brown chapter 27 . 10/16
I think Kaylee and Tyler are so funny with their ups and downs so I can't wait for the next interaction they have.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/16
Tyler, where are your balls? Do you have any?Make a freaking move! Instead of this long ass way of trying to win Kaylee over and trying to figure out if she returns your feelings!
scarlet53 chapter 27 . 10/16
Omg i was checking the site hour by hour to see if u had updated. I love u...
Melly chapter 26 . 10/14
Kaylee girl are you serious? Oh Lordy Lord!
scarlet53 chapter 26 . 10/14
Yes i want a Tyler pov. Loved the chapter please update and i love you huge fan
Sweetstart chapter 26 . 10/13
When people learn to listen to others?! Urrgh... Nothing in the world infuriates me more. Assuming things and not even trying to bother with the reality. Can't she get it. It seems like the typical cliche of guy loving the girl since childhood.
Anyway u rock!
Waiting for the next chapter!
Puccapurple chapter 26 . 10/12
Is this girl for real? I could smack her upside her head.
MaloryArcher chapter 26 . 10/12
Dangit, Kaylee!
Actually, I can't even be mad at her. After that forehead kiss and realizing she had been so close to admitting her feelings, I think I would have done the same thing, lol. She blew it up so that no one else could, the secret is no longer hanging over her head and they can drop the act that wasn't an act. Tyler (and Shelly) will be p#ssed. But, he could hurt her so much worse than Ryder because her feelings aren't superficial this time. And is she going to go out with Ryder? That's an awful idea, so it makes perfect sense. Too funny.

I can't wait to see the fallout.

Thanks for the update!
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