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ramla omar chapter 28 . 4/19
Just re-reading and it occurred to me that it would be amazing to have one chapter on christian's POV. Joy doesn't hate herself, but she does have her moments of insecurity about her looks, which are biased. I want to know how christian views her, because I truly believe Joys beautiful inside and out.
Choc me chapter 11 . 4/9
Sis where are you? I hope you're holding on wherever you are...
ramla omar chapter 28 . 4/5
I hope your doing well, please leave an authors note so we know that your doing okay. Its been a round a month and a half and I'm getting worried.
katy101 chapter 1 . 3/28
OMG it's been a month since you last updated
Shruti Udgirkar chapter 1 . 3/25
Please update fast, some of us here are the verge of dying :)
heal me forever chapter 17 . 3/23
OMG! I came to re-read this story and what do I see it is being updated I am so happy! Can't wait to read more of them
This last line in this chapter pissedoff so bad!️
Fawn chapter 28 . 3/23
Just wanted to encourage you to keep writing this story! Joy's and Christian's moments this chapter were out of this world exciting and I can't wait to see Joy'S take down of Tara! Happy writing!
ramla omar chapter 28 . 3/22
I hope you update soon, it would be the best birthday present
Shruti Udgirkar chapter 28 . 3/1
Holy shit. They kissed. Frankly I don't rember anything about the chapter now that they have kissed. Oh. My. God. Awesome. I can't stop smiling. And shaking with laughter. And running around my house like a mad person. My parents think that I have finally lost it, with the exam pressure and everything. God they've been looking at me suspiciously and trying to figure out what's wrong. I am so happy and its weird but I can somehow hear birds sing all around me. Why the hell can reality be this good? I am actually crying tears of happiness now. Oh lord ! I need some air because its too hot in here ; )
Choc me chapter 10 . 2/26
Still rereading. I was gonna review the latest chapter properly but after reading the reviews I had nothing left to say. They all described it beautifully. So I went back to my rereading!

And I have to say it again, this is messing me up. There was that flashback birthday scene with Christian which was beautiful but it made me angry. He said he'd done all that for her also because he wanted to make sure Joy would remember him and only him. And then that ughhhh that ...little punk hurt her feelings, broke her heart with that letter and picture. And I know he had his reasons but apparently I'm not over that.

The present timeline where Grace told Joy she was selfish for dreaming of a better life made me really mad and I just skipped to the end where Joy was heartbroken. And nope that did not make me feel better.

I can't believe how much she's had to go through. She is so effing brave and good and even though she might not be thin or pale, I think that is what Christian, with his untainted kid's eyes, 1st saw in her and fell in love with her. Joy is one of a kind.

Ohhh about what he did to Federico. Joy said that it wasn't until later that she understood how cruel Christian had been. Ummm could you explain plz?
Stacey odero chapter 28 . 2/26
Pliz update dont leave me incomplete. You are killing me here!
Fawn chapter 28 . 2/25
Joys bravery in this chapter is so inspiring! I'm so ready to see Joy kick butt and dominate. I'm really proud of her for standing up to those bullying girls. Thank you for updating!
Choc me chapter 9 . 2/25
Still rereading. Wow. Just effing wow. I want a Christian too! And the part where he answered that he'd made it obvious he wasn't Joy's friend but her boyfriend...w-o-effing-o-w. Yep Cinderella never had it this good.
And then, everything Joy did to be able to be with him, how hard she worked despite all the people not willing to help her or make fun of her - like those awful teachers (seriously guys!? B*tches).

I'm just in awe of Joy and her courage, her makes my heart ache tbh and I have to swallow the lump in my throat; she went through so much to get to St Helene but then Christian let her down, with that stupid picture and the even more stupid letter. And I know he had his reasons but I can't help but resent him a little for making her hurt like that. Rereading this only makes me realise even more that he's different from his 10 year old self. Somehow he was even more defiant and almost fearless at that age. Claiming Joy as his girlfriend casually and loud and clear. Why can't he do that now at 15? I feel like whatever happened in New York changed some part of him. And yes people change and he is still pretty effing amazing.
It's just that I'm sad for Joy...
MayWillow chapter 28 . 2/24
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss...and I'm dead.
That was heaven! Sooooooooooo cute! They kissed. They kissed. THEY KISSED! And it was DEEP and INTENSE *swoons*
Totally loved how happy they were and I couldn't help laughing with happiness when Joy described how Christian skipped. XD
""Kissing you feels like coming home," he finished in whisper." Kyaaaaaaa! I might just never get up. I wonder what explaining Joy will do later to Maisha and Honey. Hehe.

Read the starting few chapters again. Little Christian is still a heart snatcher. I love the wedding promise ring exchange even if they were napkin rings XD. Christian really is like a magnet. Even when reading about him you can't help but feel drawn to him. I never got why he fell for Joy on first sight but I'm totally glad he did. Joy, my baby, is perfect, personality wise and cuddlabilty wise as well. Cuddlable turtle! Hehe. I them both to come alive but I might smother them to death with hugs and squeals XD
MayWillow chapter 27 . 2/24
Ugh! This is such a late review.(sorry!) I did read the new updates but then I feel ill and today I'm finally up and running! Damn my mid semester papers are coming up...nooooo!
Back to story. I am soooooooooo glad Joy is starting to take action. Way to go girl!
I can't can't can't feel bad for Nathan. Not when I'm so drunk on Christian! I totally melted into a puddle when Joy found Christian waiting for her all hot and bothered.
I squealed hard when Joy showed her ring to her House friends - its just that kind of thing1 I've always found the way both keep their rings cute XD *dies from cuteness*
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