Reviews for My Strawberry Dream Wedding
Lorana chapter 6 . 6/18/2012
This story is so adorable. I really do love Joy and understand what she's going through with her looks. It is really nice to see a character that is real. It always bothers me that most writers have characters that are outcasts for just dressing weird, it is unusual for someone to not have the perfect body and be a main character. Also seeing as how this takes place in the Philippines I can understand the increased teasing about weight.
choc me chapter 6 . 6/5/2012
Hi! :)

It was so nice to see an update on this story! And two chapters! You know I'm actually starting to "get to know" Joy and Christian, the way I did with Miguel and Ivy, as if they're real characters - They seem so so real! Which is a pretty amazing talent that you have here :) I'm still amazed at that...especially when I try to distract myself with published books and end up being very disappointed..but I have your writing to look forward to! It helps me remember why I used to love reading so much..and seriously, I'm still thinking about what Ivy said about reading keeping her sane.. I feel this way about your stories :)

I admire Joy...I know she's supposed to be so so young and yet reading about her thoughts and feelings comfort me and in a weird way gives me courage to face my own problems..and I love it when I can feel that way about a character, like you can learn from them...

I absolutely love the connection between the two, it's like they're really building a solid base for their relationship, bonding and building trust, creating that feeling that this person can actually make it all better and give you hope just by being there..Hmm I'm getting all sentimental here!

Your comment about that someone made me laugh...and right now I'm not sure that's what he's thinking (stubborn and totally 'unromantic' person that he is)! (frustrated sigh)

Ohhh and I was thinking that if the connection between Joy and Christian seems so vivid now, it'll be really amazing when you get to when they're in their teenage years... (dreamy sigh)

So yep, I'll be nagging you to update from time to time! :)
shweta kadam chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
hey i've tried emailing u from my gmail account to ur gigaslave11 one but the mails not going i donno what to do ? can you give me another id where i can e mail you? or shall i give you mine?
shweta kadam chapter 5 . 6/1/2012
btw i love joy and cristian to ...i love how he's so overprotective and nice and prince-like and so completely wonderfull...but i love joy the most cause i can completely relate to her...when i was a kid i used to get bulied too and i cried all the time...but then i grew a foot in size and a spine so now i fight other stories when the herione(thats how we call the female protagonist in india) are u kno ...not as attractive as the hero and are always whining about it...i really hate it...but i find joys case very endearing and makes me wanna cuddle her...and i like the fact that even though she's so different from ivy u hav protraited (pardon my spelling mistakes) her very perfectly...and i totally think you should get your stories published...u would be a best seller no doubt...i wanted 2 give u my email id but i donno if its safe 2 give it in review where the whole world can see
shweta kadam chapter 6 . 6/1/2012
hey thank god u updated so soon ! The chapters were awesome(as always) but i thought that u were goin to do parts like the first one for wen they are kids,second as teens,third as adults, forth as old people u kno...any way i tried 2 email u from my gmail id but i guess u didnt recieve the mail...ill try again... thanks for replying!
mgouda chapter 6 . 5/31/2012
this is so unbelievably amazing.

i honestly don't even know where to start, but i'll talk about your characters first. i can already tell that Joy is a great character, even though the stages in her development in the story haven't really come up yet. she's determined and strong, although she might not seem to be, and i think it's great to have such powerful traits in a female lead, when so many these days lack the depth you've managed to put into her.

christian, also, is wonderful, mostly because of how much of a walking contradiction he is. i'm sure you know that the majority of male leads these days are relatively the same- rich, snobby, conceded, so on and so forth. and although christian's role falls under the category of the "popular boy falling in love with the nobody girl," his many quirks and bursts of individuality really sets him apart from the others.

also, i love that you've taken the story so far back, before the complications of teenage years. although, if you do continue the story to that point, i can tell it'll be amazing and original.

i think the pace of the story is great, too. it's slow and sweet, and although the joy/christian relationship is more or less the "love at first sight" kind of thing, the fact that that love can't really be deepened or acted upon to a certain extent until later years makes the wait and the knowledge of their eventual relationship that much more magical.

so all in all, great job with this, seriously. and updates with this have have been that something you plan to stick to? ;p

i really hope so, because i'm so excited to see where this story is heading. it honestly had me smiling the whole time i was reading it so...update :)

also! a cameo from half and half would be beyond case you were wondering lol :)
Jane chapter 6 . 5/31/2012
Hi, I love your story. I love how you blend in the culture so well that even clueless people like me can easily understand because you explain everything subtly. I also like how you developed your main characters Christian and Joy. Keep on writing. :)
shweta kadam chapter 4 . 5/23/2012
let me say this...i absolutely love your storiies...i donno how many times i've read half and half(the name's stuck wit me) and laughed ,cried,and smiled...i love ivy and migueal...i dont feel like they are characters but like they are real people,like they are my friends ,you have an incridible gift,and one of my favourite authors (next to gobsmack and nora roberts and susan elizabeth phillips)...and i just have one request, phease upload faster the wait just 'bout kills me...
choc me chapter 3 . 5/23/2012
Hello ! :)

Thx for your reply :) It's really awesome when writers take the time to repy to comments and stuff! It was actually a very funny msg! I'm glad I inspired you (even a little) to write more...your writing is honestly amazing and it feels so nice to read your work.

I actually laughed when I reached the part with you asking your kid about her dream husband...I checked out the updated version and yes it does fit better I'd say..It was so cute and sweet :) The part that said "I want a man who's smart and good in school and funny and cute, but not so cute he'd have so many girlfriends and he'd just forget about me.." made me go "awwwww" ...It also fits more with how an eight year old would express herself..did your kid actually say that? :) It's really well thought of :) I still remember the original version though and I'm storing in it some part of my brain for future made me think about certain issues i've come across...and it does help me..

So I do hope to see more from you :) Doesn't matter if it takes some time since the result is so amazing!
choc me chapter 4 . 5/18/2012

So glad you're still writing! I was captivated by this sweet, short story, and more surprisingly since the main characters are eight year olds!

As usual your writing flows so smoothly and the characters feel very much fleshed out...Overall this fiction is cute, funny and at times bitter sweet...I'm definitely looking forward to reading more and to get to know Joy and Christian better as they grow up...I like how different they feel from Miguel and Ivy (and btw I'm looking forward to updates here too :) ).. Writers sometimes use more or less the same plot for different stories and too often the characters seem repetitive, like the same personality but with a different appearance and name...

I do have some criticism though (hopefully constructive) but basically it's my opinion...At times I felt like Joy and Christian were too mature for their age...For instance, when Joy was describing what kind of man she'd like to marry, I felt like it was way too deep and well-thought of, for an eight-year-old, it feels like a description and ideal that comes with maturity and experience in life and relationships...But I must admit that it was a beautiful description...very deep, yet simple and wonderfully lacking in superficiality..

Also...can boys that age be so sweet and selfless, and be able to look beyond the physical aspect?

Anyway, just my opinion :) It's still an amazingly sweet and touching story going right in my favourites :) I think this piece deserves many more reviews - I think that nowadays stories with ripped, shirtless guys and willowy, beautiful girls (not to mention *lots* of sex) are more popular - no matter how flat the characters are or how cliche the plot may be..!

Try to keep in mind that your amazing writing does touch and comfort your readers :)
froggieblender chapter 4 . 5/17/2012
I can't believe no one has reviewed this story yet, it's wonderful.

First of all, I fell in love with your characters right off the bat, even though they are young children, who don't usually have a focus in fiction, other than to be part of the background plot. I love that that you fleshed them out has having motivations and cunning, sincerity and seriousness, even if it was in a very limited childish capacity.

Sadly, Joy at such a tender age has had to face the reality of society's judgements. I can fully empathize with her situation, since I personally was that chubby kid at the same age, and had to face the same criticisms as well. I like that you've given her the beginnings of a backbone, especially since Christian has become an emotional investment to her, and has given her some motivation to begin to change.

Oh sweet charmer Christian... You've already made me love this kid. As Joy said herself, he's not a perfect prince but just the right blend of messy and charming. (the forgetting to use the handkerchief to blow his nose after making such a conscious production of it just minutes before had me grinning) I can't help but love his earnestness in the little cabana scene. I realize they are kids, and attentions can wander to new interests, but I don't feel that this is going to be the case with these two.

Overall, your skill in communicating and fleshing out your characters is a cut above what I usually come across. I wish I could say it better, but I "feel" right along with your characters, which is not as common as one might think.

I breathlessly anticipate the next chapter ;)
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