Reviews for Forget Your Worries
Rogue Energizer Bunny chapter 1 . 7/13/2012
High form review marathon, where we review all weekend until we canoet type no moh! Teh link is in my porfile.


You Pmed me, and so I TAGETED YOU FOR REVIewing.

I like the personification of America, with "America's slogan". We do forget our worries here, don't we? And not in a good way. It does a nice job of drawing a conclusion from the rest of the story, and I like how you leave it at the end, to leave a moral question.

I liked the idea here, too. When we see somebody who needs help, we assume somebody else will do it. Good job picking up on that, and making it into a readable story. The simple story amplifies the message, too.

I would like to see more development of the viewpoint character, becuase you don't show why he stops when nomody else does. It'd take a certain type of person to do that, and it's your job to show us who. Just expand a little. Heehee.

Nice work. Good concept. I like it.