Reviews for Blue Court Revolution
CaveDwellers chapter 1 . 5/29/2012

Dude, I love their funky messaging system. It sounds like you've got all of the quirks (and the history, and the technology) of this world all planned out. It shows in the prose, which makes me as a reader feel secure, even if I don't understand it very much.

Also, I laughed so hard at the anticlimactic Tasia-crash. That was an awesome opener. XP

I think I broke my foot once. I didn't go to the hospital though, because my RN auntie said it was only a fracture and there was nothing a hospital could do anyway. So I just hobbled around for 6-8 weeks with ace bandages. Mostly it just hurt if I put too much weight on it, like a sharp signal to the brain saying "watch it". I still feel where it was broken, too, on some days. The mornings are the worst, like it's been broken all over again. It's only really bad in Hawaii, though, which is weird since it's usually the cold that aggravates things like that, and for me it seems to be the heat.

I dunno. Maybe that helps? Feet are way different than arms, though, and while it doesn't sound like Tasia's got a clean break the technology in this world of yours will probably still fix her up good as new.

I'm looking forward to where this will go. :) It's awesome that you're updating again!

'Til next,

CD 1.0