Reviews for Milana: Queen of the Forest
Deserthawk chapter 5 . 6/29/2012
Ha, I knew Aki was going to be a Hunter. But I'm kind of confused - how does he think he's going to marry Milana if they have to kill all the Hunted? Somehow I don't think Mil is going to be a big fan of Aki after this chapter anyway. Man, six years old? How do the Jungle people even justify this game to themselves. What honor is there in killing little kids who can't even fight back.
Anyway, it's cool to hear about the different tribes, their different kinds of magic. So do jungle and forest both have green magic? How many kingdoms are there?
Although it would be extremely terrifying to get chased by one, I somehow want one of those hunting birds as a pet.
That scene with black magic was striking. I wonder if that woman will be cursed or gain some sort of powers after being healed by it.
Keep it up! I want to see how this ends.
Deserthawk chapter 4 . 6/19/2012
So there's people from all over the world? That's cool. I like how every group has their own traits/weapons. So game ends when everybody from one side is dead? Kind of reminds me of the Hunger Games (tho I've never read/seen it so I could be totally wrong). I'm starting to dislike the Jungle people... I mean hunting five year olds? What is their problem. Looks like Aki has some competition though from Tsuchi (your names are awesome BTW). I bet Kostas is going to be cool later on too. The dog fight scene was intense, in a really good way. I'm impressed by how she held them off. I'm totally rooting for the hunted right now. I bet some of them are going to die though... probably Tsuchi.

Keep it up!
Deserthawk chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Wait, so is this Royal bloodline thing like ... genetic engineering? Dang, I wish I had her fighting skills. So are the Forest people just okay with the Jungle people taking their daughter, or are they fighting and we don't just know about it? Or they somehow don't realize it's the Jungle people that kidnapped her? Sorry for so many questions. Man, Aki must be one of those super-romantic love at first sight people. He's being so ... dramatic. But does he really know her? I predict she's going to have to kill Aki later and that's what makes her heartless. Because right now she does not seem ruthless at all. Or I guess the Hunt will make her that way. Is it really a Hunt if the hunted get weapons/fight? Wait, this is prob totally out of it, but I bet this black magic thing will allow them to turn into wolves or something. Because that seems fitting. Somehow. Maybe.

Keep ... Updating ...
Deserthawk chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
I really like the descriptions here. Sometimes I wish the main character (Milana) would describe less and do more, but that's probably not really the point of the story, so nvm. These Jungle people are interesting. So do they think the Hunt is an honour, which is why it's okay/good for the future Queen to participate in it? Wait, I just realized, does this mean she will be the Queen of the Jungle? Or the Forest? Will she have to choose, or can she rule both? Hm, the plot thickens. I thought she fell for Aki quite quickly, but I can't really blame her I guess. I think the cover of this story is fitting. Er, this doesn't mean any of the characters can transform into wolves or anything, right?
Deserthawk chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
Dang, I knew that was gonna happen to her ... I kind of like her better for daring to do that though. It's almost like the Jungle people also knew she was going to venture out there, lol. This is a very interesting character study. I want to read the story that she's in now ... upload please :) I wonder if her Mother is this way because of a similar experience. The laws of the kingdom are pretty ingenious.. Also, that animal gut net sounds really gross. Nice description.
jaybeeuk chapter 3 . 6/6/2012
It is a shame the full story isnt up on here, even though this is only a character insight, there is already lots of world building etc. I would be really interested in reading the real thing.

Each chapter ends in a sort of cliff hanger that keeps you going through.

the opening is unusual and interestingly introduces the character,

Your first-person style is very successful, jsut enough insight into the characters mind, but not so it gets bogged down

I would never say you haven't put your heart into this. It has obviously taken you a while to write, and you have created an interesting character and land - it would be a shame to put it down by saying you haven't really bothered with it.

But yeah, please get the main story up here as soon as you can:D

Is Milana the main character of the full story?