Reviews for What Awakens: SS
Faith-Huskers chapter 10 . 7/6/2013
This is a really great story. I like it a lot. Don't get disheartened if not that many people review. Many people are just too lazy to review. I'm glad you made a sequel. You have great potential as a creative writer. Keep up the good work!
Eden Ellegory chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
Sekais Song? Is that the title? Btw, i liked it. v
Xylight Rainbow chapter 9 . 7/22/2012
The plot line is very good, yes, but I suggest you take a little more time when describing people. For example, this part:

"Your hair is weird." Sekai points at Suna's wig, frowning as she picked at the purple curls dangling off his head. Suna grunts in response and shoots her a glare, but Sekai simply smiles a too-innocent smile in response that wouldn't have fooled a kindergartner.

"Let's get on that one." Chun points eagerly, his eyes literally sparkling. It was one of those rides that spin around and you need to lean to spin faster or else your head gets cut off.
Sekai pales as she gets dragged over to the ride, mumbling a "Tell everyone I love them" as she approached the deadly ride that would surely be the death of her . . .

-Or something like that. The plot is very nice, again, and I love where the story is going, and if there is romance, I would love to see it in action soon! Since the title is SS, I'm guessing it's either Sekai X Suna or Sekai X Subaru, though I;m betting on the first one.

GigiandMad chapter 2 . 7/20/2012
So I read the first chapter and it seemed okay. I went to the next chapter and continued reading. The thing that i find that most repeats in your story is the mechanic style of writing. I think you have a interesting story so far, but on how you describe things that Sekai does is a bit bland. If you would go into more detail, i think i would be much more interesting. And don't deviate from the original plot line so much. Is Sekai a shy girl? Is she normal? Because you keep adding in all this information without properly connecting it to the story or at least in a way that makes it interesting and flowing smoothly. From reading the first 2 chapters i only have a small feel of the story. But in the summary it said that Sekai got some autographs from her fav band and her whole life changes because of that. Also the summary told of her fate to die. Did you mean she has an illness or some other force that will change her, so she will die earlier than what her actual lifespan could be? Or did you mean that in the end all humans die? Either way be more descriptive, look up spelling mistakes, and fix the summary. I hope this review helped you! And don't give up on the story! I wish to see more updated chapters in the future. I hope you do not get mad or sad. My only intention was to help an author with a bit of outside perspective! I have an account on if you wish to PM me for more help!