Reviews for Alice & The Mirrormen
Emma Louise chapter 1 . 9/4/2013
Omg, what an awesome story, and soooo well written!
cressey chapter 11 . 7/5/2012
I have no questions this times. just curiosities about the faed world that im sure you will continue to describe just as well as you have here. i quite liked this glimps. i was wondering a bit about the halfling thing. does alice have another half... a faedling that would consume her? or was she born whole? im possitive youll get to that as well :) like i said, just a curiosity :)
cressey chapter 10 . 7/3/2012
:) this made a lot more sense in regards to zane. now then... i was wondering, if a faedslayer has consumed their faed... and i may be confusing things here... but does that make the human immortal? and if ever is a slayer does that mean shes consumed hers... and if both of those are answered with yes, how old is Ever? is she really a teenager? and if shes not a teenager does that make her girlcrush something more? i love this story. im not sure you understand how much. cant wait for more
cressey chapter 9 . 6/30/2012
I feel like zanes new animosity towards alice is a little unfounded. im not sure where it came from. i can understand his dislike of kyde but alice has been his best friend for years. could Evers dad really change his opinion on his best friend?
also im dying to read more of the Ever/Alice interaction. I want to read about the little touches and how easily intimate they are without even trying when theyre talking.
on another note i really like kydes character. i think i want to know about him and his history more than almost everything else.
a very strong chapter :)
Kajskk chapter 9 . 6/30/2012
Hello there Skylar,

Nice to be mentioned, though I hardly deserve it.

You on the other hand needs to mentioned far more. This story simply gets more and more intriguing as it goes. People we "thought" we once you turns out that we don't know them at all. And all the same we remain as confused as Alice. i can understand her resistance against the Strausses. I probably would to, if someone random suddenly and almost forced their way into my life and then gave me the ultimatum; You're either with us or against us. While the Faed Kyde seem to offer a far less threatening option. Not to mention Answers and a connection. Not only to Alice's father, of which we could figure out, but also her mother. In which case I didn't see it coming at all. Which was a interesting surprise.

I do feel for Alice, because I have a feeling that she will be truly and utterly put in the middle of this war between the humans and the Faeds and their two worlds. How she can be among the humans and offered help when she clearly is important to the Faeds is beyond me, but I do suppose that remains to be seen. I can't wait.

It's a lot of questions running around my mind and I won't bore you, because I'm sure they all will be answered in time along with the story. But I do wish to express that I've kinda softened up to Everlynn, whom I at the beginning couldn't make up my mind about. Simply because, much like Alice. I didn't know where to place her, and she acted weird and sucpicious. Her fear for mirrors seemed to have lessened somewhat, or if that was simply an act of instinct I don't know. But I do know this, and that is that I hope there will be more time for the girls to bond before Alice is truly thrown into all of the madness. Or I fear that there are no chance for the two to even connect as friends. But the little Pinky promise was somewhat cute and a promise to us readers of more interactions. In which case I'm looking forward to.

I ramble far too much for my own best and shall now leave you to it. But I'd like to express the great work you've done with this story. And while I've always thought your writing is top notch, this story seem to take it even a bit further. It may just be me getting used to your style. But I sense more structure and planning than before. In a way... or something..


Auf Wiedersehen!

cressey chapter 8 . 6/29/2012
All i really have to say is wow. finish it and send it off to publishing houses because i would pay to read this. you are very talented at describing what is happening and the area and atmosphere and facial expressions all in a way that makes me want to read on and on. i am totally in love with this story.
Adrian StClaire chapter 8 . 6/27/2012
This was another really great chapter!
I only noticed one mistake - you have Xena spelled Xenia.

Seriously, are you writing each chapter every day? You're really fast, if so. Do you already have it all outlined?

I'm crossing my fingers very hard that Everlynn doesn't turn out bad... Im shipping her and Alice so. Her being good gives my ship better chances to float.

This is a really good story. I want to tell people about it.
Adrian StClaire chapter 6 . 6/24/2012
Wow this story is fucking brilliant! It's been so long since I've found a gem. May I ask, if you need a beta, can I be yours? I'm so into this story.

At first I thought I was going to be annoyed by Alice's rudeness but its played into the love-hate thing you have going on between Alice and Ever so well, that now I've started to not mind it. (It's funny I always seem to have a hard time relating to every re-incarnation of Alice I've read.(That is, at first. By the third or fourth chapter I'm in love with yours. You've really crafted a great character here, bravo!))

May I ask, is this perhaps loosely based on a pre-written Alice in Wonderland adventure or is it all your own, with of course your own 21st century Alice?

Also, when will the next chapter be up? This is so riveting and well-written. It could be a real thriller with the Strausse Pair's weapons and the scary Mirrorman.

Needless to say, I'm excited!
Kajskk chapter 4 . 6/16/2012
Ah, Another chapter already, eh?

A marvellous chapter. How I enjoyed to read Alice's growing frustration with Everlynn. Not that I don't like the girl. Quite the opposite actually. I find her an enigma and mystery I'm quite happy to learn more about as the story goes. But I rather like this chapter because it feels realistic to a character as Alice. So well done there.

A nice pace as well. Not to rushed nor too slow. Just perfect. Sure I wouldn't mind a chapter a bit longer. But I won't complain anyway.

Another thing I've noticed between this story and last time you wrote in first POV (seeing as it's easier to compare the same POV chosen) is that you've really taken the time to write what the main character feels, thinks and do in a different way. The story prior this was a bit more just "story and events" rather than the personal stuff. Basically you've gone a bit deeper with this character, which makes it easier for the reader to relate to the character. Which I do appreciate. So well done.

Apart from that I don't have much to say. I think the distinction between the characters are nice done. You've taken time to plan this story properly, or so it feels, and planned the events, the characters and the purpose of the story.

I hope to read the next chapter soon.

Kajskk chapter 3 . 6/16/2012
I'm not sure where you get the time and inspiration to write your stories. But one thing is clear about them. You have no limits to your imagination. Every time there's a new story on the way it differ so much from the previous it's almost amazing you can keep them all apart. The one thing they seem to all share is to be of supernatural ground. Which all fine by me. I suppose it's partly what I enjoy so much about your stories.

Anyway. I noticed you got rid of the story prior this one. Can't quite remember the name. But it was about the girl who's memory had been altered. I do wonder why seeing as the story truly had potential, as with all your stories. I'm still eagerly waiting for updates on the Hatchling, which is still one of my favourites from your published work. I do believe that's the one thing that perhaps could need a bit more pointing out. Which is that you seem to never really finish any story, instead you just start them, or leave them to start a new. I'd recommend to finish them. Allow your readers to know how things end. Otherwise you might lose readers as their interest will wither because they never get to know they end.

Anyway. This story really had me caught. That you seem to aim to write from first POV is something that has an extra appeal to me. Don't ask why. I just simply have a soft spot for them. This girl seem rather simple and yet complex at the same time. Alice definitely has me intrigued as a character. This whole thing about the "mirror men" seem awfully interested and it was only on the end that we got the connection between the new neighbours and her. I for some reason have a feeling that it's perhaps because of her they're even there to start with. But it could be a coincidence for all I know.

your pace so far is just nice and I can't express how much I adore Alice's defensive attitude towards almost everyone, but especially her neighbours. Most interesting.

The only thing, which is more of a hint, is that if there's going to be foreign writing, to perhaps offer a translation in the authors note. In this case I used Google translate and noted a few words that seemed to have been "smashed" together whereas they should be separated. But consider that I don't even speak or read German I might be wrong.

Anyway. Keep the story up. I will eagerly wait for the next chapter.