Reviews for Only 16 With So Much to Go
xStarryxKnightx chapter 1 . 6/16/2012

This might be one of my favourites. This, and It's You. I love these kinds of poems from you. Do more, more! D

What I really like is your realisation that nothing lasts forever, and you accept that, but you're willing and able to work for it so you can stay together perhaps forever after all :) I think that's really sweet.

And when you said you don't get over people easily. I know how you feel. It bothers me to see people so quickly switching from one guy to the next in a matter of a few weeks. It's like... There was nothing there to begin with! So why waste your time? Know your feelings. You've got this down. Mistakes, such as JS... They happen. And you learn from them. And look where you are now ;)

Your music comparisons... I love them... And what I absolutely love and find totally ironic: You made CW a D#. Which is enharmonic to Eb. Which is the tonic of her favourite chord. And then you made me an E. Which is one of my favourite tones, coming just after F. And you mentioned angels... Omg... -3 Haha, and then S&D. So. True. I love it. And then yours is my favourite. It's perfect.

The Patronus. I've actually pondered that quite often too. I can't decide what my memory would be. Maybe when my brother chose to sit with me when my sister went to the hospital because of my stupid action... Maybe when my baby sister told me she loves me more... Maybe when they tell me I'm their favourite... Maybe when other young kids look to me as an example... Or when Mum let me rant to her about how I hate our generation and she told me that I would be a change it needs... Or all those times when people sincerely tell me they love me. Those are truly my warmest memories.

Yay, ADD!

I love you two. You've heard I'll Be, right? The song? I love you two.