Reviews for Preforming Hearts
NadiaAlexandrova chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
Wow. Just wow. Thats like the only thought going through my head right now. I really like it. Wow. Ive been struck dumb by this. Wow. Its just... So true. I love it.
xStarryxKnightx chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
Okay. I love this one too much, too.

I love the beginning. How you set it up. And I love the image I get throughout of everyone in my practice room. That's where I imagine it, at least.

Yay, the Yemi's are there! XD

Love too how you interconnected the grades through this magic more commonly known as music.

And LEXIE. I feel like you understand me. Mr. H tastes pitches? I didn't know that! Yay! I wish I could taste them. But I'm cool with just seeing them. Well, I don't literally SEE them, but they're clearly visual in my mind. That's usually how I can distinguish one pitch from another. Perfect pitch. (which older Yemi doesn't believe in. Hmph.) I suppose since it's so... I dunno. Unique? So unique that I have to put something normal to it. So A sounds like pink. I strangely don't like A much. Especially high A. So I've also come to dislike the color pink. And B is orange. Also not really my favourite note. It's the tone my Mum's car sounds when the door's open or something such. It bothers me. And orange isn't exactly the prettiest color either. C is yellow. It's a happy sounding note, in my opinion. And it's a popular beginning tonic. So it's always been yellow for me. D is purple. For some reason, D sounds slightly melancholy to me. It isn't dark purple. But not lavender, either. Somewhere in the middle. I usually deeplybc