Reviews for Dragonpeople of Khairis
Ashmir chapter 41 . 2/8/2013
an amazing chapter again :D
still can't wait to see what's up with Penryn
update soon please! :)
Nightshadowv chapter 40 . 2/3/2013
Nice update this story just keeps getting more and more interesting.
Ashmir chapter 40 . 1/27/2013
once again that was an amaaazing chapter!
can't wait to find out more about Penryn :)
Nightshadowv chapter 38 . 1/3/2013
All I can say is keep up the wonderful chapters. _
Ashmir chapter 37 . 12/31/2012
i loved the chapter :D
i wonder what Siera's suspicions are...hmmm...
can't wait to see what happens next :)
Ashmir chapter 35 . 12/21/2012
This story is rlly rllly rlly rlly amazing!
I can't wait to see what happens with Lia and the elf that smells like winter spices :D
Guest chapter 35 . 11/30/2012
as soon as i read the first paragraph i wanted to read till the last. keep writing. from what i can tell the setting of your story is renaissance. you might want to work on your authenticity. for instance the fact that the minimum age for marriage is 18. a suitable age would have been much younger at the time. i do enjoy your twists on well known folk lore, and you are a talented writer. i hope to read more from you.
Solomon Sia chapter 27 . 11/26/2012
If I ever need to kidnap someone, I will be sure to take a lesson from Alvas. How can he do the kidnapping and still seem to have such good intentions nonetheless? I enjoy his determination and lack of scruples. It's obvious he's gentle and kind while at the same time violating Lia's basic dragonpeople rights. I find myself wondering what it would be like to be kidnapped by Alvas, or even be the one doing the kidnapping. I found it interesting how Lia was forced to relax because her dragon was about to fall off. All in all, it was a very gentle kidnapping, in line with the rest of the story. It really makes me think.

Poor Lia must feel so confused and betrayed right now. I enjoyed Mac's character in this chapter, he is such a fatherly figure.
Solomon Sia chapter 25 . 11/26/2012
Jesse's awake!

It's such a sweet story. The brotherly love between them just makes me want to melt. I suddenly feel the urge to obtain an older brother.

Most stories rush into the action. Nothing much has happened with regard to plot increase these few chapters, yet I don't feel that any time has been lost here. I'm very happy for the chance to watch the interactions between Oren and Jesse through Lia's eyes. It makes me care for the characters so much more.
Solomon Sia chapter 24 . 11/26/2012
Yay! Just as I thought! Deeper Oren characterisation. I'm glad of the time you're taking to build up each of your characters.

Jesse's history was very interesting to me. I thought that bonding was a deliberate process, and Jesse's ability to bond with a wild dragon was something I never thought would happen. This makes me wonder more about dragonpeople. Can they become dragonpeople by accident, or for others would it be a kind of inheritance, fate or destiny. I'm also starting to feel curious as to where dragons come from, and how there are so many types.

I really need to read on now, to see what happens to Jesse!
Solomon Sia chapter 23 . 11/24/2012
Greater like for Oren! He's scary but cool and dependable. I like how he seems like a warrior, but at the same time he is capable of healing his own brother. His care for Jesse is endearing. His scar really suits him, and explains why he's more reserved. I find myself speculating that he received it while defending someone he loved.

I feel that Jesse's an idiot, to put his life in such danger unnecessarily. He should honestly have had the wound seen to, especially since Araknyds are known to be venomous.

Interestingly, I wonder how the dragon will be treated! Did it just fall unconscious with Jesse? That was slightly disappointing to me, as a figured that Calaurin would at least be capable of seeking help for his human. How will they heal Calaurin, considering that the dragon has no visible wound?

Happy to have read this.
Solomon Sia chapter 22 . 11/24/2012
This was an interesting chapter. The movement is slow, but I can see that a few key things are placed here: Rusalka gets along with Jesse's dragon, and the mystery of Lia's rescuer is slowly coming to light. At the same time, I'm definitely feeling an increase in romantic tension between Jesse and Lia. You have a very strong feel for emotions, and even the slightest nuances are expressed so well in this chatper.

Once again, I love the slow shyness of this story that draws me to it over and over again. The following phrase I felt to be most iconic in your story.
[Jesse and Calaurin sat a little way in front of Eadair Hall. Lia remained where she was, twisting her fingers together. How was she going to approach them?]
Blondiej1 chapter 34 . 11/24/2012
You can't leave us on a cliffhanger after not updating in so long! More more more ... please that is. We all are busy and have a life but that is just cruelty . . . Lol I am just messing with you but seriously more! I hope (if you are american) thanksgiving was good loved this chapter!
Much love,
Solomon Sia chapter 21 . 11/10/2012
I felt a lack of romantic tension at the beginning. I assume that it was because both parties were feeling rather self conscious. However, maybe it didn't need to be explicit. It would have been interesting as a reader simply to know where Jesse's eyes were looking, for example at Lia, or shyly looking away, or perhaps even nonchalantly gazing at the river.

Midnight dragon is cool. Especially given how the humans tend to take on dragon characteristics. I do enjoy the distinction between Jesse, Oren and Alvas, made easier by their temperaments and the types of dragon they are bonded to.

And I really like how Jesse and Lia are taking their time to get to know each other, and looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops.

This story is really sweet.
Solomon Sia chapter 20 . 11/10/2012
Ha, I wonder who the guests are. Actually, I have strong guesses.

The water and rivers are very strong symbols in this story, without being perfectly central to the plot. It's a really interesting feeling I have when reading this chapter, as with most chapters in your stories. It is like everything is suffused with this warm, gentle light. That's your writing style.
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