Reviews for Bird of A wing
Birgitte chapter 46 . 3/16
Time for another chapter ;-). Please. I really enjoy this story , how you have created a hole Universe.
A Flood Of Red chapter 46 . 3/1
great chapter as always, can't wait to see what happens next :]
ramblingrobin chapter 46 . 2/12
Yay, updates!
LiveLoveRead95 chapter 46 . 2/12
I honestly am not that forgiving and I am not afraid to admit i have a little hate for both Nel'os and Dyn'ad. I seriously admire Tairay for forgiving them. Can't wait to see what happens next :)
ramblingrobin chapter 45 . 2/8
Thank you for the update. I love this story.
Guest chapter 45 . 2/4
Wow didn't expect that twist, it was really good thought, gives character depth. I Love this story, please continue updating :)
DNight chapter 45 . 2/2
O_O wow just wow more plz XD
LiveLoveRead95 chapter 45 . 2/2
Wow. That was quite a lot to take in. Never. Ever did I expect that about the royal triad. I admit I see Tai-ray in a whole new perspective to have the strength to forgive something like that and learn to love the people who not only hurt you but betrayed you. Wow I'm speechless. As for Nelos and Dynad I'm not really sure on how I feel except anger and pity. They could have done things differently. And as always I just utterly love and adore Ryraso he is so strong and patient and caring to understand and not hate them for what they did. Can't wait to see what happens next
DNight chapter 44 . 2/1
woot and fetmar stays dances happy dance
LiveLoveRead95 chapter 44 . 2/1
Sweet. I kinda want to see what is going to happen with ryraso now we haven't heard from him in a while
Guest chapter 43 . 2/1
PLEASE UPDATE SOON I love this story, read through most of it in a day -' the latest chapter was beautiful
Guest chapter 43 . 1/7
Heather chapter 43 . 1/7
Loveeeeee it I hope you be able to post more faster and are r u going to update Infected that story have a sad ending I hate sad endings :(
Guest chapter 43 . 1/6
Yay happy to see an update !
Rina chapter 43 . 1/6
Eek! Another update! I thought you said you were leaving this be? Not complaining of course, I love this and all your stories. The wings brand thing is really interesting and I liked the way you brought the alternate action into the story. Nothing super unbelievable. Can't wait for the next one whenever it comes xx
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