Reviews for Apple Killer and Pig
SparklyBlue chapter 6 . 1/23/2014
this is a really great story...i know this was updated since 2012 but if you are still there writing obviously then could you post more chapters plz plz

i always wanted to read this kind of story
update soon
bookppl93 chapter 6 . 8/6/2012
I am Sadie Eye of Isis chapter 6 . 8/1/2012
Tis fine...just UPDATE SOON! :)
yellowbunny1 chapter 5 . 7/7/2012
This is really, really good! I can't wait for the next chapter!
bookppl93 chapter 5 . 7/4/2012
I Definetly like the preview.. Lol
Guest chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
Oh god that was the best. I couldn't stop laughing.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/28/2012
Im stalking this story i want it to update so bad. This is my life right now, "Hmm im bored, Wonder if apple killer updated? My foods not done for three minutes, wonder if apple killer updated? Hmm theres a bird, wonder if apple killer updated?"
LyssBliss chapter 4 . 6/30/2012
Excellent chapter! The humor in this story is hilarious! The arguement between Romeo and Juliet has been my favorite part so far!
bookppl93 chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
Karma for peeing in your pants!
LyssBliss chapter 3 . 6/27/2012
Hey, me again! Promises I won't submit review before I'm done this time. This is a cute story and I really enjoy the sarcastic comments and crazy antics of the characters. :D
bookppl93 chapter 3 . 6/27/2012
The point of a cliffy is not to tell us -_-
Personudontknow chapter 3 . 6/27/2012
That was really good! I love this story. Now for some reason Im calling my friend "Apple Killer" Then she told me that she actually did kill an apple with her braces. This Romeo and Juliet story is the best by far!Please dont make them both die in the end like shakesphere did ;)
bookppl93 chapter 2 . 6/23/2012
Haha preview sound nice. This is really funny! Update soon an I can probably get a few people more on board!
bookppl93 chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
Ew cliffy in the first chappie? Anyways, really good job and I will be stalkIng the story for an update ;)