Reviews for If War Is A Game
RinaJewelz chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
I like the way you open this poem: Accursed be he that first designed war, really dramatic and captures the attention, also makes clear your stance on the topic and the approach you're going to take on it from the outset which is good.
The repetition of 'if war is a game' at the end of every stanza, even though you discuss war as a battle at varying times also, really helps to bring the poem together. but because of it, i think your personification of war at the start of stanza 5: 'War waits for no one, war feels nothing / War cackles...' kind of fails and feels awkward because the dominant idea of war as a game revolves around the idea that its the participation that makes it bad and without the participants there is no game/war. So i didn't really think giving War actions and a mind of its own really worked. Great job though. My favourite line is the second: For war is just dread shrouded in mists of valour. I think thats really insightful