Reviews for The Game of Hearts
bookppl93 chapter 42 . 6/25
this was such a cute little chapter of them bonding and it's just aw , it's so sweet . I hope you update soon ! c:
Serapheana chapter 42 . 6/25
Hold up girl. Excuse me as my"vision [goes] glurry and a tear roll[s] down my cheek." Goddamn.

In all seriousness, this is probably one of my favorite chapters, because it's entirely character driven. You've found the perfect balance between propelling your plot and developing your characters. In fact, I would argue that your character relationships are the reason why your plot is progressing as well as it does.

The amount of vulnerability in this chapter, as shown by the two characters, is really amazing. And there's something heartbreakingly-beautiful about how reluctant both of them are to open up to each other. Theres so much unspoken hurt and fear, and anxiety.

Its authentic. Its human. It's freaking beautiful.
bookppl93 chapter 41 . 6/23
you have to write more , you're so amazing and I nEED IT (':
Cinnel chapter 41 . 6/16
You're back! Oh my gosh this made my morning.
LivesToRead chapter 41 . 6/12
Thank you so much for updating! I really love this story, it's amazing! I can't wait to see hat Cane brings up in the next chapter. Please keep writing because it is something that you are truly amazing at. Also, it doesn't matter what pace you write or when you update, as long as you enjoy you're writing and the story it tells.
beverlyamethyst chapter 41 . 6/4
No problem :D Okay so things really have started shift... Like Ain is being creepily possessive and dark. What's up with that? And Cane is being, well, nice. It's scary. Hahaha can't wait to read more! :)
Summer Blooms chapter 41 . 6/2
Ok, Cane was adorable in this chapter and wow Ain is ridiculously jealous and possessive. Great chapter though!
LoveoBloom chapter 40 . 5/31
LoveoBloom chapter 31 . 5/31
Does Cane have feelings for her?! Its so exciting! Can't wait to find out
MangoGirl777 chapter 40 . 5/30
HALLELUJAH! i seriously thought this story died but it didn't...i friggin' love this story and i'd be seriously bummed out if it didn't finish...anyways...Have a cookie! you deserve it
LoveoBloom chapter 13 . 5/29
There are all taking a liking to her, arent they... You know what this means
Guest chapter 40 . 5/28
Yay! You finally wrote the next chapter! Very good! Please keep writing!
beverlyamethyst16 chapter 40 . 5/27
Of course I want to keep reading! :D When lot of stories that aren't updated in a long time, finally get updated, I usually can't remember what's going on. With this, though, I can remember everything! I still absolutely love the story :)
I'm sorry about the personal issues, but I'm glad you're back. I can relate because I'm going through a tough time now and I can't find the motivation to write, even though I still love it.
Anyway, hmm it seems as though he's starting to make an effort to change. Maybe he really will? Although I kind of enjoy their banter haha. I would like to see him actually talking to her though, allowing himself to be vulnerable for a bit.
Can't wait to read more! Please update when you can :)
Guest chapter 40 . 5/26
IM SO GLAD YOU UPDATED I LOVE THIS STORY SO SO MUCH YOURE MY FAVORITE. LISTEN. I ANSWERED THE DOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF READING THIS AND I COULDN'T GET THE STUPID GRIN OFF MY FACE HELP IM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY IT GIVES ME THE FEELS HARDCORE . also I'm glad you're doing better, recovery is a wonderful thing and you'll be stronger for it okay this is getting weird okay goodbye ily
cumberbarbie chapter 39 . 5/6
hi. I kind of forgot about this story and well really all of FictionPress for like months probably, but then I remembered reading this story that was a kind of twisted Alice in wonderland and I remember loving it a lot and I'm so glad I found this again because holy shit do I love it. your writing is wonderful and I love these characters with all my heart thank you for writing this also please write more asap
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