Reviews for THEY have no idea chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
lol amen
PalindromeIsntOne chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
There is definitely two sides here, and I can see both in the poem.

I would say that wanting the suffering to end is the same as wanting help, but I can see the plain desperate search for an end here too, and that path may appear as an uncertain long haul. Being sick of struggling just makes us want an exit. It can make us fight harder than ever, but also tire us and wear us down without support. Those two sides are both there, but you can choose which one. I know there's this and there's that and it's all so loud and hard and off-putting, but I do believe you still have the choice, always. I can only say that I believe the struggle would be worth it, that it's worth telling yourself so, and I'd be willing to support you in it as much as I can.

On a poetry note, I like how you've done the right align/centre switching in this poem and the others where you have done it, it creates an effect all of its own on top of the words themselves. The poetry comes a lot from the form here, the short sentences and uses of capital letters. It's emotive. Like when you give 'until' it's own line it leaps out like a one word pivot point. I hope you write more poetry!