Reviews for Test Stress
Guest chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
ok well in some ways liked this a lot better than library liason. it seemed to uave more plot to it and also it seemed a bit more you as far as characters went.
although that very reason that made it better also made it a bit more awkward. if you catch my drift here. anyways I hope to speak to you soon.
(I was too lazy to log in :)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
gahh this reminds me I need to practice my SATs more... But overall really good, especially the fact that you bothered to actually include some sort of a backstory that actually fit in, which most writers unfortunately exclude, especially on this site. I really hate just throwing out complaints, it doesn't really make for a terribly good review, but I think your writing style could be more relaxed when characters have conversations- it seemed like no one ever wanted to use contractions. the rest of the dialogue was pretty good in my opinion, because sometimes writers make their characters say things that only really make sense in their head and not on paper. Also, not sure if you're aiming for this audience, but most female smut readers get a bit turned off by actual words such as "penis", "vagina", etc because then they can PICTURE it, and usually detailed mental images are not so pretty. theres a plethora of more vague words so female readers will get more of a general idea than a biology review in their mind. but still, really really good, and very intellectually stimulating as well :)