Reviews for I Salute Thee, My Worthy Adversary
Faithless Juliet chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
I really like the tone that you set in this piece. There is a strong vibe of competition and winning in the narration structure of the poem. Even though you were defeated somewhat there was still an air of winning and beating the odds.

I also really liked the sense of movement within this piece. I could tell from your summary that it was about your bike, and throughout the whole read I got the sense of travel and fast movement, and change. It was a very entertaining read.

The only thing I noticed was nowhere in the poem did you mention the word “bike” and had I not read the summary I would have been lost as to what the poem was about in the sense of what it means to you. It would have been strong as a standalone, but it seems like this has a lot of personal emotion for you and you should show the reader a full picture and scope of that. I guess what I’m meaning to say is the subject matter would be a bit vague without the summary.

Much love,