Reviews for Ted Erikson: Musician and Zombie Hunter
GermanSam chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
So… here I go. Kind of hate you for this long one-shot. Don’t give the time of day to your other stories but this one is fine. Yeah, sure. I see how it is. Hmph. Let me read this thing now…

I love the “while wearing a suit” bit. Funny. I will like this.

D’aw. Paul/Ted and his guitar. I spy a love story!

All this “dude” talk. It’s so out of character for you. How hard was writing this with being in all of these characters’ minds? Hard, I bet.

Oh Steven and Sons Plumbing… the endless amount of jokes that were cracked in my fourth hour. Of course, that would be included in here. How could it not be? :P

Karoline! Ah! Foreign exchange intern! Well isn’t she in for a first day of zombie killing? You think they have zombies in Norway? I think they just freeze to death or something.

She speaks so clearly for a Norwegian. Not that she didn’t when she was here but I can’t picture her accent with those words. It’s weird. Not as weird as someone having to write words that a Norwiegen would say but weird to think about.

Haha, you said, “Hell, it was amazing that she'd made it here.” Referencing Karoline and Norway. There is a town in Norway called Hell! (And it does freeze over.) It makes me laugh. I don’t know why. Probably the time of day it is but either way, it’s funny.

Is it weird to refer to everyone by name except for Paul? … and whoever T-bone is supposed to be… I’m guessing by your tag on Facebook that that is Alex? In which case… alrighty. My question still stands.

Alright, all these weapons and guns… they are just a bunch of words and numbers. Do a lot of research, I’m guessing? Because that’s all a load of crap to me. My brain just skips over them like when you have a big word you don’t know the definition to. :P

Only 63 people? Are they in Mohave Valley? Or Needles? :O

And now I spy big paragraphs. Sigh… let’s get crackin’…

Zombies, zombies, zombies! I suppose there really isn’t a synonym of that is there? :P

Awesome. Gore. That, was sarcasm. I imagine that it’s more for the boy’s taste but yeah, I’m good without all of that stuff.

Sunglasses… at night. I can only think of CSI Miami and our script. He’ll take them off and say something pun related.

“These zombies are serious… dead serious.” *Insert “The Who” song that plays on CSI Miami* Something like that, to play up the dramatics of it all would fit in nicely right about now.

Karoline would smile with a knife in her hands… scary thought but I can see it.

Norway gets a nickname but pretty much no one else has one? :P

Aw, she was here for a year… now she’s gone. So sad. :’( I miss her!

“My country needs me, too.” Such a cliché line but fitting.

Pizza Hut for the win! I don’t want to know who I’m agreeing with… I’m just putting my opinion out there…

It didn’t seem that rushed to me. Seemed perfectly paced and I didn’t pick up on any glaring spelling mistakes but I’m tired too so who knows. Also, excuse the mistakes in this. I’m sure there are some.

Good one shot. Not too much of a fan of zombie but this was enjoyable (mostly because it was written by you). Now go back to working on other things… like stories that I know how to review!

This was weird because I didn’t have much to talk about but I think I rambled enough to make you happy.

Hope the others enjoy it. I look forward to their feedback as well on it. Here is your (at least) one happy review! :)

Hey! And I made sure that I'm posting as me this time and not a guest! :D
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
I fucking love you. I swear I do.