Reviews for I Don't Dance
irishmelody chapter 36 . 1/28
Wow, love this story - I read it in one go! Please update as soon as possible - I can't wait to see what happens :) Keep up the good work!
Brenda chapter 36 . 12/26/2013
Love the story please keep writting
Zarica Vicen chapter 25 . 12/20/2013
now I am cying
Zarica Vicen chapter 24 . 12/20/2013
he almost said the big l word
Zarica Vicen chapter 14 . 12/20/2013
why did she not let him kiss her
Sapphire Faith chapter 36 . 10/15/2013
There weren't very many mistakes in this chapter. I actually really like this chapter. It amuses me.
Sapphire Faith chapter 35 . 10/9/2013
You accidentally used the word "once" instead of one, but this chapter was great! It was fast-paced, but not way too fast. That was a good idea from Lilly, at least to fix the problem at hand. I think it'll cause more trouble later on.
Sapphire Faith chapter 34 . 10/9/2013
There were a few formatting errors, but this was a good chapter.
Sapphire Faith chapter 33 . 10/8/2013
The 20 Questions game was a good way to let some humor into the story while bringing in some of the characters' histories, though I'm not entirely certain how relevant it will be later on. I liked most of this chapter.
Sapphire Faith chapter 32 . 10/8/2013
I think I have an idea of what Julianne wants to be, but I'm not sure. You're doing a good job of creating suspense. This birthday idea was ingenious, too.
Sapphire Faith chapter 31 . 10/8/2013
I love the humor in this chapter! There aren't any big mistakes, too.
Sapphire Faith chapter 30 . 10/8/2013
This was such a cute chapter! I didn't notice any big mistakes.
Sapphire Faith chapter 29 . 10/8/2013
There's probably going to be a lot of mother-daughter quality time. This chapter was great. I enjoyed it.
Sapphire Faith chapter 28 . 10/8/2013
I'm wondering if the anger coursing through Julianne's veins is messing with her head because at first, she was supporting Lilly's violent intentions towards Brad, and later she tried to steer Lilly away from that. I see a couple of mistakes, but I've mentioned them before. This was a good chapter.
Sapphire Faith chapter 27 . 10/8/2013
This chapter is adorable. I normally use commas to separate interjections from the rest of the sentence, though.
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