Reviews for Prime Time Spies
James Skinner chapter 18 . 1/22/2013
There was the sound of short struggle in her ear, and a small pop like a Champaign (Should be Champagne) bottle being opened.

"What (did) you use?" asked Robin.

"I'm sick of all this insincere (insincerity?)," said the groomsman at last. "So I'm going to give all my secrets away

She was hanging from a pipe in the ceiling with power chords (cords?) double wrapped around her waist,

Having got all that out the way. Once I worked out who was who, doing what and to whom, I enjoyed it. I had a clear picture in my head of what was going on while I was reading it and thought the scene concerning Victoria and a certain violinist not only mirroring each others dance movements on stage but complimenting each other on outfit and hairstyle afterwards, particularly funny.
James Skinner chapter 18 . 1/22/2013
Just noticed a couple of minor errors, easily corrected.

Heads up Charlie," Victoria murmured. The sound of her hushed voice would carry from a microphone hidden in the blue collar that went with her dress. "You're ( it should be - Your) old friend from the last mission has decided to join our party." (about 8 paragraphs down)

She activated her color mic. "Charlie, stay where you are! I'm coming to you. Robin, you stay put to (it should be - too)
I can't really comment on the story itself till I've read it properly but good luck in any case.
PoorEnglishArtis chapter 3 . 11/17/2012
(not logged in, but whatevs)

I cannot believe that this hasn't had any reviews! It's really very well written, it has a BRILLIANT premise, and it has me guessing! You're doing a great job of mixing in the different POVs in a clear way, and with giving the reader enough information without dumping it on them noticeably.

I really like your main character - she's funny and intelligent and so badass! Her chemistry with this Jake guy is good as well :)

I would really love to read more of this story!

(As a side note, if you don't get the readers here, go to TheWriteAway on livejournal, it's a great community of readers and writers and you'd fit right in with this quality of writing!) :)