Reviews for Master of Shadows
Solomon Sia chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
Raegan has very strong words and a very strong past. It must take courage to speak without fear of giving offense. It makes me wonder whether the tear he shed is that of rage or sadness.

The value system of the city is well thought out and presented, and the temples already seem tyrannical. I'm interested in how a polytheistic religion shares power, for the most cruel religions have always been monotheistic. Also, I'm interested in knowing how Desther developed his unique belief system completely at odds with that of everyone around him. What experiences shaped his life and caused him to turn out so different?

I get very good images of Markius, Desther and Raegan.

Other notes:
Spencer's endless wealth comes from serving in the militia? It seems unlikely and makes me want to know more about the militia pay system. Perhaps his wealth was gained by looting?
It's strange that Rakha will so freely speak disrespectfully to the high priest's son, yet fears being overheard. Surely the fastest path to the high priest's ears is through the son himself?
I assume that since Desther is a High Priest's grandson, Okaris would try to curry favour by selling the amulet at a discounted price with an ingratiating smile.
Wow, impressed that Edgar the military commander, will willingly stand guard for boys entering a temple.

Favourite line:
The boy ran his free hand through the sand before answering

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A boy with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes stared at them.