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Little Purple Bookworm chapter 3 . 2/18/2013
honestly, I don't remember the name of my character or if she even made it in. Could you tell me?
lala1366 chapter 3 . 2/10/2013
Ah yay your back! I can't wait to read this story! :)
Madman With A Keyboard chapter 3 . 2/6/2013
Sooooooooo, when will this update?
AlaraLoumuth chapter 3 . 1/3/2013
Hey! Can't wait to read the first chapter xD
if cats could fly chapter 2 . 12/25/2012
YAH! i cant wait till you start, i have been waiting for soooo long!
AlaraLoumuth chapter 2 . 12/24/2012
Hey :) i can't wait to read the story! please update soon :D xx
Madman With A Keyboard chapter 2 . 12/23/2012
Wow! I got my character in just before this! I am LUCKY!
Madman With A Keyboard chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
Ooooooh! This seems interesting!

Character Form


Name: Malarica Hernandez

Nickname (If one): Succubi

Physical age(14-21): 19

Actual age: 163

Gender: Female

Personality: Cold, Calculating, Seductive, Intelligent, Cruel

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion(Before being turned): Christain

Sexuality: Lesbian


Height: 6'1

Skin Tone/Color: Pale, white

Hair(Color, length): Black, long.

Power: Mind control


What year were they born: 1831

When they were changed: 1850

Where they're from originally: Rome, Italy

Their background "story": Malarica had been born into a rather poor family,
she left the family in 1846 to try and find her own life. She met Alejandro Hernadez in 1850, working for him as a maid for a short time before becoming a vampire. Her personality changed iver the years of being undead, making her what she is today.


Favorite Activities: Watching the news, or trying to find someone to date.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book: Harry Dresden series

Favorite song: When Your Evil by Voltaire, which she finds ironic.

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food): Drinks female blood and Steak, medium rare.

Coven: Hernandez

More?(Optional): Nope.
AlaraLoumuth chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
Oooooh this sounds interesting! Can we still submit?

Character Form

Name: Alara Loumuth

Nickname (If one): Lara, Al

Physical age(14-21): 16

Actual age: 39

Gender: Female

Personality: Sometimes she’s girly, and sometimes she can take a hit. Laughs a lot when she’s around friends. Can be happy and sad at the same time. When she’s comfortable she is nice. If she’s uncomfortable she will death glare at you. She gets depressed and down and sad really easily though.

Ethnicity: Caucasian (White South African).

Religion(Before being turned): She was Christian, but had her doubts.

Sexuality: She’s straight.

Height: 5'7

Skin Tone/Color: Pale, slightly tanned. She has a lot of freckles on her arms and face, which she hates.

Hair(Color, length): Dark blonde (almost dirty blonde/chestnut) with a few lighter and darker shades. It's layered and she has a choppy fringe hanging over her right eye.

Power: She can control fire.


What year were they born: 1973.

When they were changed: When she was fifteen in 1988.

Where they're from originally: East London in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Their background "story": She had a drunk as a father, who drunk because of his wife’s death in her second child’s birth, who unfortunately didn’t make it either. One day her father Tobias sold her to the highest bidder, and the man who bought her turned her into a slave in every way. Mr Niles Diallo was the one to save her. She will always feel in debt to him.

Favorite Activities: Reading, writing and being outside alone. She likes the forests, lakes, oceans…etc.

Favorite Color: She has a lot: Silver, dark purple, black and red. Mainly black.

Favorite Book: She doesn’t have one, but she’s a fan of JK Rowling.

Favorite song: Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food): O Positive, and well food is food.

Coven: Diallo Coven

More?(Optional): Anything you need and you can PM me? (:
curligurl0896 chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Ooh, this is interesting!
Name: Dawn (yes,Dawn. It's supposed to be ironic)
Nickname: none
Physical age: 16
Actual age: 48
Gender: Female
Personality: A bit dark and moody, usually quiet, thinks a lot
Ethnicity: Part Hispanic, part Native American
Religion (before being turned) She somewhat believed in God.
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'4
Skin tone: pale
Hair color/length: Auburn, and it reaches her shoulders.
Power: Reading minds
What year were they born: 1964
When they were changed: 1980
Where they're from originally: Salem, Massachusets
Background story: She was on vacation in London with some friends when she got lost and was found by the Parkers.
Fav. Activity: Reading
Fav. Color: purple
Fav. Book: none
Fav. Song: Somewhere I belong by Linkin park
Fav. "food": Ever since she's changed, she's grown a particular dislike for human food in general. She isn't picky on what type of blood she's having, either.
Coven: Parker
sunshine everlasting chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
I you were wondering I am the person who gave you Elizabeth
Guest chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
Character Form



Nickname (If one):

Physical age(14-21):17

Actual age:103


Personality: very blunt, dosen't take crap


Religion(Before being turned):Roman Chatolic

Sexuality: straight



Skin Tone/Color:in between pale and tan

Hair(Color, length):Blonde and Wavy

she can see through the best lies

What year were they born: 1909

When they were changed:1926

Where they're from originally:a small town outside of London

Their background "story":a normal life for a teenage girl growing up in the 1920's she never came home the day she 'changed' a missing person report was flied and the case has never been solved


Favorite Activities:

Favorite Color:royal blue

Favorite Book: always liked the wizard of oz, it reminds her of when she was normal since it was written around that time period

Favorite song:Uprising by muse

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food):food is food

if cats could fly chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
hehe i cant wait for you to start writing!
Little Purple Bookworm chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
Name:Sarah Thompson

Nickname (If one):none

Physical age(14-21):15

Actual age:90


Personality:caring and friendly, most people would think she's too nice to be a vampire. Can be arrogant and rude.


Religion(Before being turned):none




Skin Tone/Color:fair

Hair(Color, length):light blonde, wavy, long

Power:Normal vampire powers


What year were they born:1910

When they were changed:1995

Where they're from originally:London

Their background "story":Is a cheerleader from a other school and is trying to become lead cheerleader.


Favorite Activities:cheer leading, singing, softball

Favorite Color:pink!

Favorite Book:hunger games

Favorite song:I want, by one direction(because she always wants something)

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food):anyone who annoys her, milky ways


TheFabulousDuck chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Can I submit two, if not then just pick you're favorite.


Name: Amalia Hernandez

Nickname (If one):

Physical age:I know yousaid 14-21 but can she be like 13 but she was bit the ay vefore turning fourteen, if not then make her 14, thanks.

Actual age: 90

Gender: female

Personality: She is very graceful and elegant. She is kind and 's polite and alway's tries to be as nice as 's very quiet and hard to you happen to get her angry you must of really done something love nature and it' natural beauty, she's a bit of a dreamer, always wanting the impossible. She sketches alot, and dances and sings. She's really good at all of them, always wondering off to draw or singing to the birds. She likes to make people laugh and smile and always listens but hates talking about her problems.

Ethnicity: euripian

Religion: Don't be offended by this, she never had a religion she just wasn't religious, she didn;t know her thoughts on religion.

Sexuality: Straight



Skin Tone/Color: She is very pale, since she's a vamp and all.

Hair(Color, length): She has bright orange hair that is naturally stright and then at the tips it curls in to little ringlets. Her hair is really hard to maintain as it goes to her waist but, she would nevercut it cause she loves her hair, she would cutit if it got stupid long though.

Power: She can leave her body and let her sould wander Ex. say they wanted to know what was behind the door, her sould would leave her body and wander, but her body would fall limp.

Eyes: She has bright green eyes that really stand out.


What year were they born:1922

When they were changed:1935

Where they're from originally: Paris, france.

Their background "story": her parents were very rich before she was turned. She has a jewel necklace around her neck that night that she had forgot to take night someone had came into the house and threatened to shoot her, or her eight year ol sister rose. Of course


Favorite Activities:Dancing,singing,drawing,painting,sketching,making people laugh. Exploring.

Favorite Color: Ocean blue and rose red. But not together, she thinks thay look bad together.

Favorite Book:twilight lol not really, she writes in her journal alot but other then that she doesn't really like to read.

Favorite song:She listens to country like taylor swift and new love songs kind of. Her favorite song is permantmarker or I heart Question mark both by taylor swift.

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food): wait, do they drink human or animal, if they drink animal shelikes cougars and larger animals if humans she likes when they'rehurt so she can put them out of their mysery,sort of, not really but that's what she tells herself.

Coven: hernandez

More?(Optional): Random fun fact about her, she wears her favorite white baret almost everywhere, except if it's formal.



Nickname (If one):Caden

Physical age(14-21): 17

Actual age: 37


Personality: She is a very new born vampire, she was only bit 20 years ago. She is very outgoing and fun, She is sarcastic,teasing,playfull and flirty. She is very fun to be around except she often says things without thinking it through so it comes out the wrong way.

Ethnicity: Canadien

Religion(Before being turned):Didn't really have a religion but did believe in riencarantion.

Sexuality: Straight



Skin Tone/Color: Pale cause again she's avamp but if not then she's tan.

Hair(Color, length): She has blonde hair that when down and strightens goes to the middle of her ribs. She always has it up,down in all diff styles. It's natural style is tossled messy curls.


History: she has a really normal life but was stabbed and murdered on her way home from a friends house.

What year were they born:1975

When they were changed:1992

Where they're from originally:victoria,bc,canada

Their background "story":She livedavery normal life, she was popular andliked then one day she was kidnapped on her way home from a friends and stabbed.


Favorite Activities: She likes to run,swim,play. She is very active and will play almost any hunt and cook, even though they can'teat.

Favorite Color:Purple.

Favorite Book: doesn't have one.

Favorite song: She listens to pop music.

Favorite "food"(i.e. Blood from what type of human and what human food): Sh eliikes a challenge and her fav human foo dis blueberries.

Coven: Diallo

More?(Optional): Could you find her someone who she bikkers with, like not an enemy but someone she always disagrees with.
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