Reviews for Plotbunny
WordsTasteLikeCaramel chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
Very sweet and cute- and, best of all, truthful. You have done the humble Plotbunny justice :D! You did brilliantly :D the words were simple and flowed nicely, which is always always always good. Just one tiny thing I'd like to point out, it's no big deal at all and didn't bother my progress through the poem, but in the third line you repeat yourself a bit (you said sweet twice) and some words may not fit exactly with the image you're trying to portray, because you used them for rhyming's sake- but that could just be me and if you feel the poem is perfect just the way it is, then it's perfect :D I certainly did enjoy it. It was a very original idea. Everyone talks about plotbunnies, but no one tries to define them in such a pretty way :) I'm sorry if my advice is a little sketchy, if you don't understand, feel free to ask me again :D