Reviews for Choices
TashaBelle chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
Oh jeez. This did not go how I expected it to. It seems oddly unfinished, like Jon and Ted are going to get together. How sad.
I never really felt like Ted actually loved Lisa at all, through the whole piece. It seemed more like marrying ger was a plan, an expectation for himself that he wanted to follow through. It seemed to me that he built his life on plans and expectations, rather than love and happiness. I genuinely feel sad for Ted. If you did, however, want the audience to believe he loves Lisa, you'll need to let us in a little. Have him show more emotions than anger and disappointment in himself. But I have a feeling he just didn't love her at all.
Well done. There were a few rough spots where you switched point of view unexpectedly, but I'm sure you can deal with that without my help. I would just advise that, if you already have a system to indicate switching character views (such as the lines that you used as separators) keep the characters in there 'own lines,' so to speak.