Reviews for The Ostrich Plume Years
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 4 . 11/7/2012

First of all, thanks for checking out my site - I'll PM you with all the info regarding it in a few minutes.

I must say, I did like this chapter a lot. The drama felt natural, and we're seeing other sides to all the characters. I do particularly like this hard-time-getting-pregnant storyline. I found it rather irritating to see David react the way he did, but it did feel uniquely David in his reaction. I really liked Alice's little simile to Peter Pan. It really is a wonderful comparison that rings very true.

Hmm, I wonder what's stopping Dalice? I mean, we know Alice has 4 kids, so it must just be some block. I guess, unfortunately, sometimes conception just takes lots and lots of time. But, it'll be interesting to see when it all comes together with Georgie.

I know this sounds bad, but I love reading Alice and David's fights. You really do write them so well. Oddly enough, I really enjoyed the historical British-isms in this reading. I'm sure you've had them throughout, but particularly now, they entertained me very much.

I totally jumped whenever someone said "Georgie" I was just thinking, "Georgie? Where? What?" and then that name for their first son makes perfect sense. XD

Excellent chapter, and I hope you've been having a good day.
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 3 . 9/26/2012
Whoa! School just completely distracted me, but yes, I am reading this now! *looks at locations* ITALY! MY MOTHERLAND (well, 1/4th of my a 5th gen immigrant)

Francis is such a drama queen. :P Oh, and very pretty imagery in the beginning with the canal and Alice running her hand through the water. I wish I could write description like that...

Aww, I liked Charlie's introduction! And not knowing what espresso is? I guess this is technically historical, but how strange.

Ooh, that affair stuff sounds foreshadowing-y. Oh, poor naive Lissy, your David is not as innocent as he seems. And hah, Charlie with Zelda charming.

Aww, that scene about her probably having a miscarriage (or miscalculating, I suppose). Gah, I can't even imagine the pressure these women in history had to go through when they were expected to have kids. It reminds me of learning about Chinese women in the 1800s last year. Now that was a crazy time when you were expected to have sons. At least it would be okay if Lissy had a girl (and oh, the irony of wanting a girl _)

Great chapter! But, as nice as the fluffy chapters are, I can't wait til the drama starts up. You always write it so well! :)

Good luck at university!
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 2 . 9/4/2012

Your inclusion of F. Scott Fitzgerald put the glorious picture of Tom Hiddleston in my mind. Thank you for that. :3 My class is gonna read the Great Gasby for 'Merican history class, and I'm so excited to read it. I love how the first paragraph wasn't directly about Alice and David, yet introducing the Fitzgeralds works really well to just set the stage for what's happening.

["I wouldn't know either, darling," Alice lay her head on her husband's shoulder "As you said I'm far too British."] - that sounds like a joke my English tenth grade humanities teacher would make. XD A very patriotic man he is.

Yes, I think I'd say I enjoyed a lot of this chapter! Seeing those silly Americans and their games was a lot of fun, and it's nice to see Avid in such a lighthearted, romantic place. Seeing them in their darker days, it's nice to think that they once were a cute young couple and were in love. Alice's nerves after a month being married to David were cute, and David was so good with her.

It's going to be interesting to see if the kids end up in this story, like maybe Georgie as a baby. I wonder if David was ever a pressure to have kids for Alice (obviously, I'm sure, David's family will be - wanting an heir and all...).

But yes, this was a very good chapter. Ahh, I wish I could think of more to say, but if you allow me, this review will tangent off about Tom Hiddleston, and I don't think that's the best idea.

Hope your writing keeps going well. You're seriously a saint for doing more than one story at once. I could never do that.
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
Francis! HAH, I knew it! ... Okay now I'm going to actually read it. XD

Hmm, y'know, I never really disliked him all that much. Well, I DID, but I have characters whom I hate more. I like how I can feel sympathy for him now. I recall you mentioning him attempting to commit suicide, but it's crazy to see him in the aftereffects. Like, he always seemed so proper, and seeing him in the same state we (or I?) typically read from the point of view of emo teenagers is a jarring comparison. Good thing he missed his jugular, although he now seems like he will be causing trouble. Hah, I almost feel worse for his fiancee. Poor woman has no idea. He doesn't divorce her, though, right? As long as she can live in her naive bliss I suppose it's alright.

I like how you have Alice visit him. It shows that at one point, Alice did go out of her way for her friends, even if it was only to tell him that they were no longer friends. XD I feel bad for Francis in this part. The moment where he says that Alice never gave their relationship a chance was kind of sad. I mean, i forgot if she actually did or not, but if not, I could imagine being bitter over that.

Glad to see you're still writing! You writing superb stuff, so I'm excited. :)