Reviews for The Drawbacks of Imaginary Boyfriends
Papier chapter 1 . 11/6/2012
Sheesh, the fantastical misadventures of us 14 year olds never seem to cease! Since I go to an all girls school, any mention of the opposite sex confuses/excites/befuddles me- But somehow the girls in my school still manage to get boyfriends. How they do this- I have absolutely no idea. Probably hang around skate parks or the mall and pray that one of them will wander over to them, or maybe they just date one of their friends brothers or something thus creating unnecessary teenage drama.. blah blah blah... but, it doesn't really matter how they do it- what seems to matter is just getting one for yourself. But, a boy is a boy- they're human too, not designer handbags that are suddenly in style.
I really enjoyed reading your poem; I could really relate to what you were saying, since one of my friends recently revealed to me that she had a boyfriend too. And it did make me feel rather lonely so I can see why you would make up an imaginary one! Haha _

All and all, this was very well written, I loved how you wrote it like you were actually telling a story- it's very refreshing to see that in a poem.