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Guest chapter 11 . 7/22
Guest chapter 11 . 11/10/2014
InsanityAndBeyond chapter 11 . 9/16/2014
Loved this. Utterly charming :)
The fact the story ends when they just meet and that's a perfectly good ending is a testament to your story and characters.
EPuppy chapter 11 . 9/4/2013
Is this the end? :'(
k4k chapter 11 . 7/1/2013
Great story. A breath of fresh air. The concept was good and just when I thought why the hell they were not contacting when they had each other's phone number, voila! Altair decided to text him. Sensible and sweet. Full five to this story.
ohsocyanide chapter 1 . 2/24/2013
I've been, like, searching for things to read, and I remembered you, of course—you're brilliant, how could I ever forget you, duh?—and then I saw this, and I thought, semi-cliched radio call-in romance. YES. So, you know, my reviews will be hit-and-miss, but eventually I'll get through these eleven chapters and promptly annoy you about writing a sequel or something, so...

'Altair' and 'Conrad' are two very contrasting names, I'll point out.

I think you do a pretty good job of conveying just how lonely Altair is. I mean, he's working in an observatory and he can't get someone he has literally never seen out of his mind. I think it's sort of funny that they act as though ten at night is late when neither of them is going to bed anytime soon.

It'll be interesting to see how this works out. I'm assuming, you know, that they'll end up together? Hopefully?

Happy Hippie chapter 11 . 1/6/2013
Thank you so much for recommending this to me! It was a very sweet, simple story and I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize how tired I was getting of drawn out melodrama until now, this was a very nice change of pace. Keep up the good work!


- Jessie -
Guest chapter 11 . 1/1/2013
Oh that one is off to a really really good start, surely there will have to be more to come? These two are simply adorably addicting, sequel please!
ImmanenceEnsured chapter 11 . 12/21/2012
Oh wow. I was so convinced I'd be able to click the 'next chapter' button. You have a knack for building things up to the point where all expectations are finally met and then cutting them off violently! But I like that, a lot:)

This was cute and realistic. I liked them both and I love the concept you came up with. Good job!
SHEZZY chapter 11 . 12/1/2012
Lucy Belle chapter 11 . 10/15/2012
Little late to give it, but although it would be cute to continue, there is no point to it.
Ranilyn chapter 11 . 10/11/2012
I'd like to think that your question is still open to replies...but seeing the 'complete' status of this story it seems as if I've reached the end of this adorable tale. :) If not, I would eagerly yell, "More please!" because that's how I always feel when I find myself engrossed in some wonderful little writing. l really enjoyed reading this! Sweet & fluffy - nice and light for my slightly moody day.
Ranilyn chapter 2 . 10/11/2012
Interesting idea. I love it when I find a story that begins a bit out of norm (say, not in a high school with rivalries or random mating stuff...) and is written more than decently well. :) On to the next chapter!
Anihyr Moonstar chapter 3 . 10/2/2012
[Instead of letters, the graphite marks were turning into stars and spirals. He wasn't very good at conversation, either.] Ahaha - this I can relate to. Funny. Sometimes what we intend to do with our fingers doesn't result in the outcome we planned. :P Also, doodling is just the bomb in general - I like Altair.

Despite both of them being socially awkward, I like that Altair has at least a little more drive/go-get-em personality. Yes, he's shy, but he's being forward enough to keep things going.

Aww, poor Altair. I think he's doing better than he gave himself credit for. Working with what little he knows to build up a conversation is a great start. I smiled when he scribbled down "wishes" and talking about music is an obvious, but logical thing too. I'm sure they'll find *something* that gets them both going. :)

- Moonstar
Anihyr Moonstar chapter 2 . 10/2/2012
I like the information you reveal about Conrad's "station". It makes it a lot more personal, and makes his awkward convo with Altair a lot more relateable - it's really not a big thing, and they may well have actually had the air to themselves.

I also think it's sweet that Conrad is anticipating his calls, regardless of how 'silly' it might be to do so. Even if it's not communicated, they both look forward to speaking to each other.

And this chapter's convo was...well, a *little* less awkward, haha. I meant to say last chapter, but I'll say it now - usually the whole 'unusual' name thing stands out as a Mary Sue characteristic (as soon as I read "Altair" the first time I was like whaaaaaat - video game character much), but since you've made it a part of his identity and highlighted as something definitely 'embarrassing' you avoid that pitfall and it because funny. So good job there.

Hopefully they'll start to loosen up around each other soon. :)

- Moonstar
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