Reviews for Valley of the Deep
not Ross chapter 2 . 7/26/2012
I would have read this sooner, but with the change in the review system, I accidentally subscribed to a lot of stories that I didn't mean to, and I've been censoring and didn't remember that this was the title of a good one!

Once again, wonderfully written. Makes me wonder why I feel the need to leave a review at all! Elayne is as firey as I remembered, and I like how this is just a tiny bit amusing (in a sarcastic sort of way), which very much appeals to my sarcastic sense of humor. It also takes the sap off of what could be a really irritating, angsty situation - girl being forced away from her friends by her annoying dad because her mom went missing wah wah wah... But you're avoiding that entirely, and I love it.

I could have used a little more action mixed in with the explanation of the backstory, but it was still pretty interesting without it.

I'm very curious to figure out why in the world Elayne is the only one who can help them find Atlantis... hopefully that will be explained in ch. 3? (hint hint, cough cough) Looking forward to your next update!
not Ross chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
This is incredibly well-written. Everything flows very naturally. And Elayne is great. I love her, "I don't want to be at dinner. What, I'm not supposed to be at dinner? I'm totally showing up for dinner!" hahahaha. There were two random capitalizations in the middles of sentences, but if that's the only criticism I can find to give for a first chapter, you done good :) Definitely subscribing!