Reviews for Oh That Stormy Night
True Talker chapter 1 . 7/19/2012
This was AMAZING AND AWESOME and it made me laugh. YOU ARE AMAZING AND AWESOME YOU REALLY ARE. Also, it is as though you can hear my thoughts. What do I mean by this? Lately I have been hearing the number 5. Today I had looked up the word "crush" yes, yes I had actually done so - Why? I wanted to know exactly what it would say about the meaning of it. What did it have in it? Infatuation was one of the words in the meaning. Today I wrote my 34th poem and it had "meow" in it.

Again, this was AWESOME SERIOUSLY it is/was and I LOVED how you did the narrator part. THANK YOU. You REALLY did make me laugh. YOU ARE THE BEST YOU SERIOUSLY ARE.