Reviews for They Said Being Different Was Okay
yanz chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
This is such a personal story it's difficult to read it and not relate on some level, but I like how confronting it is. I get what you mean about being different; in high school I always tried to conform to what others were doing and thinking but then as time goes on you do come out of that - guess the key is to find people who love your differences and stick with them. I would have loved to see more detail here about the narrator - age, sex, what was it that finally pushed him/her over the edge.

Just a tiny criticism - a first person narrative on themselves dying, and then being dead, just never works for me... so your last line is a tad bothersome, especially "my lifeless body falls onto my bed, a pool of blood pooling next to my temple". Overall though nice work, keep writing!