Reviews for Once They Were
xStarryxKnightx chapter 2 . 7/27/2012
It's weird (not a bad weird though) because I know both of these people.

I'm totally cool with your posting a lot of stuff. Overjoyed, actually, haha. Not gonna lie. I love your writing.

Melanie used to save the worms? I always do that. No matter how insignificant or nonhuman, I can't stand just letting something... Die. That's horrible. Not unless its time has come. If the bird eats the worm, it's okay. The worm hasn't gone to waste. The bird had a meal. But a worm just dying on the street because of dryness... No. And NO, I'm not Jainist. I don't care what Yemi thinks. I just can't stand for...

Okay. Enough musing in the comments. That's what these stacks of notebooks are for.



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