Reviews for Do People Understand Me?
Aelux chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
It's good to know there's still kids in school who reflect on themselves and their surroundings instead of just reacting to everything. You sound like you got a good head on your shoulders. I hope you keep it there.

As far as the structure of your poem is concerned: It's not necessary to capitalize every line when each one is a continuation of the next. You can make them their own paragraphs. The wonderful thing about poetry is, there's no archetype for it. There's just you, your experiences and emotions laid out on the screen/paper. Don't be afraid to break out of the typical expressions.

That being said, let me give you my reasoning. When you capitalize each sentence even though it's a continuation, the reader doesn't always expect it, therefore when they read the next line, they tend to read it as a new idea, when it's really just a continuation of the first:

"Everybody feels the need to act,
Outside of their comfort zones,
Projecting an ideal image people
Long for."

Would have been easier read like this:

"Everybody feels the need to act,
outside of their comfort zones,
projecting an ideal image people
long for."

You could even have have separated it more:

"Everybody feels the need to act,
outside of their comfort zones,
projecting an ideal image,
people long for."

In my opinion, this form of your idea is much more easily understood. The comma's do a good enough job on their own to make each line a focal point without the need to capitalize each sentence.

That's enough of my critiquing. I really enjoyed your thoughts. I hope there are more people who think like you, your age.