Reviews for Dear Diary, Part Five
SkullszEyes chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
Slender Man? LMFAO. Don't worry he's not after you! My two friends and I checked out his legend a year ago and nothing happened to us. We actually watched a bunch of videos of him that made us laugh, but one actually creeped me out.
My friend however told me it wasn't real and I was relieved. The only nightmare I had of a horror character was Freddy Crueger. He made me watch as he killed all of my friends. O.O LOL.

Nice entry btw. I also believe in the supernatural. I actually hate reality so much because vampires, werewolves and other weird stuff don't exist. There's not even good arcitecture in the world unlike the fantasy games and movies. :D

This is pretty long! I think.. no..probably not! Well awesome update!