Reviews for Darling Means Forever Like Roses Mean Red
Anihyr Moonstar chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Sounds like a man to me, though obviously it could be either. Why a man? "'ll only like me, to the point I do wrong..." sounds like a man's line. I've heard it often complained that women "nag" or jump on a man for all his mistakes and point them out repeatedly (not that it *couldn't* go the other way, 'cause it could, but it sounds that way to me).

Also this part "We never get along / Unless you're drunk / And then we do," makes me think 'man', because that's when women let down their guard and let the guy get into their pants? Crude, but eh. That's what I think when I read that.

Not quite sure what to make of the end, except that obviously he and/or the genderless narrator has fallen in love ("fallen down" makes me think that), but because it's a love/hate relationship, he does something horrible/unforgivable at the end? Not sure.

- Moonstar
AnonymousLily chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
Hi- the lines that really struck me here were "You choke me on words" - I'm picturing the narrator confused and overwhelmed by the other's words & "We never get along/ Unless you're drunk,/ And then we do." The last because it's heart wrenching. I can't tell if the narrator is a man or a woman- it could be either- and I'm not sure it matters to the poem. The important thing is what happened between the two. It's clearly a love/ hate relationship- almost like an addiction for the narrator who seems to be with someone highly critical. I can't tell if it borders on abusive emotionally or not, but there's a suggestion of it. The narrator appears to be staying in the relationship- better the devil you know, right?
Gelatin is dead whale bones chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
Aw I think it's interesting that you even ask at all :3 I never thought to do that... but it makes a good point!

When I read it, I did hear it from a woman's perspective. And I wonder why :o I'm not sure Maybe because I assume you're a woman and it's about you . Usually, my first assumption with writing is that it's from experience...So maybe I should be more open minded :o ...

I feel like the character stayed in the situation they were in, and there's to be like a follow up enlightenment.. or growth you know? Because the attitude is kind of down on themselves.. and they're not really confronting the future.. just understanding their present. So there was some mystery to what happens next. :3

I also, didn't really understand the dynamic of the relationship, if she was being abused, if it was a parent and kid, those sorts of details. I guessed it wasn't a parent though after the character called them "darling" but was still a bit confused and unsure...maybe because of its lack of detail narratively.. but it did not lack emotionally.. which is a good thing because it leaves it up to interpretation and more people are likely to relate to the plain emotion.

I loved the first little poem, did you write that?

Great job. This was a very interesting read... You're great at emotional writing as well and it flowed nicely c: Keep writing
Ladder In My Tights chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
I like you poem there was alot emotion and I loved the bit 'You'll make me, You'll hurt me, You'll break me, You'll hate.' Though at the end of that there was no 'no' so not sure if you did that on purpose. I think it was a Man because they feel the same emotion as woman after a bad break up or whatever they don't show it as much but it's still there, so I', going with a man (though I'm probaly gonna be wrong).

Ladder In My Tights :)