Reviews for Sheets
Zerena23 chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
I liked this story muh more than your other ones, because it's a tale of whimsy and truth that appeals to people of all ages. I would say that if anything, this tale is too short. It yearns to be an analogy of life and thought itself, a goal that can never be reached but can certainly be approached.

And approach it you do, certainly, but you should reach farther. You must reach farther, because this short narrative is bursting at the seams with promise...

You can almost conpare this directly to an actual life- you are born and have no true sense of time or image, your memory is dim. You imagine yourself into worlds of fantasy. Dim, gloomy adolescence entwines itself around you and then midlife strikes, and death is a horrifying prospect you cannot control. Then you age and embrace your fate embrace everything... And then you die.

But you could make this into a full story and expand the imagery into something that can really suck a reader in. As it is, I feel twinges of emotion, but I want to cry. I want to roar. I want to grin.

There seems to be a darker undertone, however.
Your story says that glee and whimsy inevitably turns into darkness and pain, which can only be stopped with the coming of emptiness and the embrace of the corpse's wrappings and of death.
tedy chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
3 i loved it :D excellent choice of words..:) i like this line.. ''Every night I wished nothing more than to close my eyes to a field of birds or an enchanted forest.'' 3