Reviews for Collared Kitten
Guest chapter 36 . 4/22
Update please?!
Guest chapter 36 . 4/12
Sp glad you updated. Amazing chapter. Please update again soon!
Guest chapter 36 . 4/12
Thanks for the update !
ramblingrobin chapter 36 . 4/12
Eep! O.O (omg I'm dying to see what's going to happen)
Kaseytrue chapter 36 . 4/12
Why would you write such a short chapter?
Why would you continue to put Caspar through this?
Why couldn't I have waited to discover this fic after it was complete?!
Sigh I love this story so very much... thank you for updating (*grumbles* even if it is extremely short *grumbles*)
*smiles warmly* seriously though I love this story and I can't wait for the next episode.
Guest chapter 35 . 3/18
Ahhh. So glad you updated, but damn. Your chapters always leave me craving more. Hope you update again soon!
ramblingrobin chapter 35 . 3/18
Yay! So happy to see an update! I can't wait to see what will happen. I can tell there will be fireworks. I can't wait.
morningstorm70 chapter 35 . 3/17
Oooo he is going to be in BIG trouble
Update soon
Guest chapter 34 . 3/11
Where are you?!
Guest chapter 34 . 2/26
No update? :(
Guest chapter 34 . 2/8
OH MY GOD! Did you have to stop the chapter there?! Please update again soon, I can't wait to know how Casper takes the news!
tstul006 chapter 33 . 1/17
ahh, it was nice to see them all happy, I bet it's all about to blow up though. :(
tstul006 chapter 32 . 1/16
Sorry it's taken me so long to review. (Busy Life.) Anyway, things are heating up. I'm nervous and excited to see how Casper is going to react to the fact that he can't go to his Aunt's wedding. :/
ramblingrobin chapter 33 . 1/13
I'm so happy with seeing so many new chapters on this story. I'm dying to see what's going to happen when Justin breaks the news. I have a feeling Caspar isn't going to take it well. . I hope he doesn't end up with a shaved head for the party!
ramblingrobin chapter 32 . 1/11
Thank you for another chapter. The party move was a surprise. Poor Caspar is not going to take it well I imagine...
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