Reviews for Dark and Dangerous
Andene chapter 2 . 7/29/2013
Very interesting plot! I like how you introduced Catalina's story of her parents, but some of the chapter felt rushed. I think the feelings between Nathanial and Cat should have been developed a little slowly, and then the Rick situation. I'm curious to know if Rick is in anyway related to Nate's Dad.

Nate's dark side is very much intriguing...along with why Cat is avoiding her uncle?

Hope you keep writing!
Andene xx
Andene chapter 1 . 7/29/2013
First off, I really like the way you started off the story. The introduction to the characters and the setting was really nicely done.

Admittedly, I'm already partial to! I like the way you described him! He sounds very intriguing.

I love how Catalina spoke her thoughts out loud and his reaction of where did she think he was taking her! I was cracking up!

I'm really looking forward to how this plays out! Also, I like how you used first person. I'm not very good at that, which is why I generally steer clear of it, but you've made it work!