Reviews for you didn't know i saw you
True Talker chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
This is interesting as I DON'T feel like I have bad anger. What do I mean by this? I let my anger go a LONG time ago I am cautious when I am out walking alone at night. The last time I just held my head up and I had checked my surroundings and I walk fast - NOT really much else other than I DON'T allow for myself to look week NOT if I am in a situation where I feel threatened. For expample; Last year or well over a year I was walking out at night and there were some men in the area I gave direct eye contact and I didn't look down at the cement. I was aware of what was around me - that "IS" MY ONLY point. When you walk around somewhere and there is a possibility of something happening you are better off NOT looking week - you are better off looking like you are not scared. That "IS" my ONLY point. It "IS" better to be safe than sorry.